NEW Handmaiden Silk Rumple!

For your Spring & Summer textile pleasure, we’ve brought back an old favourite, Handmaiden Silk Rumple (also know as Swiss Mountain Silk Rumple). It’s made from 100% silk, has a silky sheen, and a light, nubbly texture that makes it easy to work with and a delight to look at and wear. The texture also lends a hand in a few other ways; it makes it easier to knit with (there’s more there for your needle to grab), and knits up beautifully on a broad selection of needle sizes, which means you can really stretch a skein! We made our Bias Shawl (below) with 7mm/US10.75 needles.

  • 100% silk
  • 100g/300m (328yds)
  • Suggest needle size 3mm/US3, but you can use up to a 7mm/US10.75 because of the texture
  • Hand dyed in Canada