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Nancys Knit Nacks Ballwinder 2Nancy’s Knit Knacks Ball Winder

Nancy’s Knit Knacks is the Cadillac of Ball Winders. It is the world’s leading commercial quality ball winder. It is a heavy duty unit made from wood with top quality steel components, which is used manually, but can be upgraded to an electrical unit (with the NKK power base).  Whether you are very good at breaking ball winders, or just want a sexy piece of knitterly equipment, this is the tool for you.

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Knitomatic felt bin BLOG

Felt Storage Bins

A good sized basket or bin is a necessity for every knitter or crocheter to keep order.

  • Synthetic felt
  • 32cm x 33 cm x 35cm

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Felt Tote Bag BLOG COMBO

Felt Tote Project bags

These little totes are the perfect size for carrying your project in style. Made from synthetic felt, they have a flat gusseted base, and stand on their own. They won’t be around for long, so get one while they last!

  • Velcro Closure
  • 10 cm deep x 37 cm wide x 37 cm high (4″ x 14.5″ x 14″)

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Nancys Knit Knacks WPI tool

Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Tool

A Wraps Per Inch (WPI) tool is a very handy device for measuring the thickness of your yarn. If you have unlabelled mystery yarn in your stash, you may find these little gadgets very, very helpful. The WPI tool also comes with a laminated conversion chart which includes instructions on using the tool plus reference data for interpreting the WPI.

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Folding Scissors BLOG

Folding Scissors

Compact Folding Scissors are a must for any notions pouch.

  • Stainless steel blades, plastic grip (makes them a bit lighter)
  • Folded length 13.2cm
  • Unfolded length: 8.9cm

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