Quince and Co Sparrow Groovy citron

Quince and Co Sparrow Groovy Citron combo BLOG

Groovy (DK)

This project has been finished for a few weeks, but I was waiting for the yarn to come in to set it free digitally (I try not to tease if the yarn isn’t available – that’s not nice). I think Linen is my favourite Spring/Summer fibre. It’s stiff in the skein, but loosens up, even springs up, after blocking. Plus care/blocking is so easy, it’s just machine wash & dry! It never ceases to amaze me how relaxed this textile gets. It’s also kind of cool against your skin. The Groovy Wrap was definitely a good first run to see how the yarn behaves (no biggie if a wrap is too big or small).

The Quince and Co Sparrow is an especially lovely specimen. It’s organic, 100% linen and has a softness and sheen after washing.  Presently, I’m swatching for a Lineal cardie in Sparrow. My suggestion for needles is use the kind you are used to and most comfortable with. I initially tried metal because i thought the points would be handy, but they aren’t my ‘thing’ and my gauge was off. My tension has been good with bamboo, which is what I normally use.




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