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Regia Pairfect Arne & Carlos Sock Yarn

Yup, Regia Pairfect Arne & Carlos socks knit up like the pictures. There’s no changing of colours or yarns, no weaving in ends, and both socks look exactly the same – just follow the instructions and the yarn does the work! Plus, Regia sock yarns are German engineering at it’s best. Regia yarn is well known for its durability and shape retention. It’s machine washable up to 40° C (100° F) and can be tumble dried without felting. It’s so good, Regia offers a 10 year guarantee!

We’ve stocked 5 pretty colours, including one that looks suspiciously suitable for CHRISTMAS (for those intrepid knitters who start their holiday knitting over the summer).

  • 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
  • 100g/420m (1 ball required for a pair of socks)
  • Fingering Weight, Sock Yarn
  • 30 sts & 42 rows = 4″/10cm
  • Hard wearing, Self Striping
  • Machine wash cool, machine dry low (guaranteed dryer-proof for 10 years)
  • Made in Italy

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How to Make Identical Socks with Regia Pairfect

The yellow starter thread – which comes from inside the yarn skein – marks the beginning of each sock. Simply cut off the yellow starter thread and begin knitting the first sock. After the first sock is completed, unwind the yarn to the next yellow starter thread and cut it off. Then simply knit the second sock. (see video below)

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2 thoughts on “NEW Regia Pairfect Arne & Carlos Sock

  1. Knit-O-Matic

    When I cast on for a long tail I usually use 3 times the length I’m going to make (so the circumference of your leg) plus a little bit more. For a German twisted cast on (my favourite) its usually closer to four times. I think if you measure the length you use for the first sock and make a note of it (in your Ravelry notes) you should be fine for the second.

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