FREEBIE Jumbo Cable Blanket

Premier Cable Blanket Navy

Jumbo Cable Blanket

I finished this blanket a few months ago, it was a bit of an experiment, but it worked out well. I was curious about working with super-jumbo yarns, but store samples get banged up pretty quickly, so choosing a yarn that wears well was really important. I decided to try a yarn that’s been very popular for Arm Knitted blankets, Premier Couture Jazz. I’ll be honest, it isn’t a sexy luxurious yarn, but knitting transformed it, it looks like a wool roving worked up. Added bonus, it’s been kicking around the store now for three months and IT STILL LOOKS GREAT!  I used a dark blue, ’cause ya know, things get banged up around here, but I think it would look glorious in a more interesting colour (I’ve been eyeballing the mint).

I used super jumbo 25mm needles, but I felt like the tension was a bit tight and I think that you can push the needles up to 35mm. Yup, BIG NEEDLES. The project took 3 days to complete and that included lots of work in between.

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