TORONTO Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery Available!

In addition to Curb-side Pick-Up and regular shipping by Canada Post, you can now also choose Same-Day/Next-Day delivery when you check out through our secure online store! I think this will be a great thing for Toronto residents – you’ll be able to get your purchase faster, easier, and in some cases it may even cost less!

Delivery Details

1. Same-Day/Next-Day delivery is only available when you PAY ONLINE through our secure e-commerce website – it is not available if you pay over the phone.

2. Delivery is only available within a 20 km radius of the store. If your delivery address is in this range you will automatically be offered the delivery option at check-out (in addition to the regular pick-up and shipping options).

3. If your purchase is made within the courier cut-off time, you will be offered Same-Day delivery. If it is after the cut-off, you will be offered Next-Day delivery. 

4. Your delivery will automatically be tracked in the SHOP App, a free delivery tracking app available for iOS and Android devices (it’s very good, I use it for deliveries to the store).

5. The delivery cost is $5.50 + $1/km (from our address). 

6. If you have any changes you need to make to your order prior to delivery please call us as soon as possible: 416-653-7849.

7. There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount or weight for delivery – order whatever you like!

The company that has developed this service is a small local start-up who have invited us to work with them during their beta-testing phase. Besides the fact that we like to support local, their model has made it very affordable and easy for us to provide this service (which means there are no hidden fees and we don’t have to charge you extra to offer delivery). If you use the service please let us know if there are any kinks in the system or areas that could use improvement and we will forward your comments to the developers (or you can contact them directly, they’re very nice and are eager to learn and grow).

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