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I’ve noticed people have kind of become accustomed to suffering and aren’t being kind to themselves …. don’t suffer, no matter what your grandmother said, it is NOT good for you! You aren’t going to grow any faster or learn more from suffering, it will never magically evolve into joy – it’s just blocked energy. When you lean into flourishing you connect with flow. Be kind to yourself, love yourself unconditionally, TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING NICE! And if you’re afraid of ducking up your project because your confidence is in the off-position, then just choose something simple … that’s the nice thing about sexy yarns, they always look great, no matter what! Keep It Simple Sister.

Other People’s Projects

I thought you might enjoy this … my friend sent me this snapshot because her husband just doesn’t appreciate the magnitude of her triumph …. it’s the yarn she had left at the end of her project. She fought the yarn-shortage Dragon and won!

One of her kids wanted some camo socks and she wanted to take advantage of the Urth Uneek Worsted (ON SALE!) before it disappeared (sorry, that particular colour disappeared onto her needles – I also tarted up the colour a bit, it was VERY camo-drab, colour 4006 Cocoa Nibs).

The other kids got a pair of Langfield hats, also made with Urth Uneek Worsted (1 skein each). Again, don’t hold me accountable for other people’s photography – the photo above (4004 Bird of Paradise)is very close to the actual yarn colour, but the one below (4005 Sunset) looks a bit duller than the yarn in the store …. could be a dye-lot thing. She used 1 skein per hat.

Langfield is a great hat project for any yarn that knits in a long colourway. It’s modular, so you can use any thickness of yarn – a great stashbuster and one-skein project!

Please note, when I post other people’s projects I always confirm what level of privacy they are comfortable with. In this case, my friend is cool sharing her pictures and experience, but she’s a private person and would otherwise prefer to stay anonymous, so I have linked the pictures to the general patterns on Ravelry.

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