FINISHED Accessories in Wizard


Infinitude is a really easy cowl great for knitters both experienced and less-so. A few years ago we made it in a solid colour of Drops Air, and it’s been so popular that I figured it was worth punching up with some colour. We made the smaller size of this cowl with one ball of Berroco Wizard (see our Ravelry notes for dimensions, etc), and while we used the recommended 5.5mm/US9 needles, I think you could go up to a 6mm/US10 with Berroco Wizard. The fabric is light and airy, incredibly soft, slightly textured, and above all else dazzling to the eye (and don’t your eyes deserve something resplendent to rest on?)


After steam blocking with blocking pins:

  • 23″/58cm long
  • 8″/20cm wide


Aleid Hat

After we made our Bente Throw we had some leftovers, and I hate seeing leftovers going to waste (not that yarn goes bad), so we played yarn chicken to see how far our Berroco Wizard bits would go …. it turns out FAR! Our hat weighs just 42g, which means you should be able to make TWO hats with one ball (as long as you buy a pom-pom or go without) or one hat and on pair of mitts (see below).

I used a natural raccoon fur Pom-pom, but you can also opt for synthetic if you like (for this hat I’d go any size natural raccoon pom-pom or a MEDIUM-sized synthetic pom-pom, since the fabric is light and won’t hold the weight of a large or extra large synthetic pom-pom).

The pattern is one size, but the fabric is very stretchy and comfortable fit a 24″ head (including ponytail) – I love magic yarns!!!


Aleid Mitts

The Bente Throw leftovers also allowed for a pair of mitts! We only used 42g to make this pair of adult mitts.


Rye Socks

I was doing some teaching last week and cast-on for a sock using more of the leftovers (although I’m really running low now) and the free Rye pattern from Tin Can Knits (I have left out the garter stitch detail). If you’ve never made socks before this is an excellent pattern!


Photo: @saltyrnstudio via Instagram (I think it is colour 2022 Moonstone).

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