Weekend Hat

The Weekend Hat by Hiromi Nagasawa is a great little project for fall and winter! It’s a pretty cabled toque that can be worn with the brim turned up like a fisherman cap or turned down to make it slouchy, or knit half a brim for a true beanie.

It’s made holding two strands of yarn: we used Sandnes Garn DOUBLE SUNDAY as our base yarn and Drops KID-SILK to fluff things up and give it a bit of dimension. If you can’t tolerate mohair you can knit the hat with a single strand of worsted weight yarn like Cascade 220 Superwash.

Many thanks to Leslea for making this sample for us! It was her first try with cables and she did it with grace (if you haven’t tried cables yet they aren’t actually hard, they just look fancy).


  • The top has a fancy finishing technique but we didn’t bother with it. Instead we just decreased to 8 sts, broke the yarn and pulled tail through remaining sts. Easy-peasy!


  • The pattern is one-size and based on our sample it should fit a medium to large size head (23″ to 24″)
  • To make the hat smaller you can either omit the two ribs at each side, or make it with a fingering weight yarn held with the mohair and 3mm/US2.5 & 3.5mm/US4 needles.
  • Length for short brim: 9” / 23 cm
  • Length for folded brim: 11.5” / 29.5 cm length (8.5” / 21.5 cm length with brim folded up)

Photos by Hiromi Nagasawa

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