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FREEBIE High Woods Hat



High Woods Hat

Sometimes something small & colourful is just what you need to get through the second half of a grey winter!

Yarn Options

Malabrigo Merino Worsted: 1 skein

Malabrigo Rios: 1 skein

Berroco Vintage: 1 skein

Other Materials

  • FREE Pattern
  • 4mm/US6-16″ circular needles
  • 4mm/US6 double point needles
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry/darning needles





There’s something about chilly weather that makes me crave the cozy warmth of a swancho. Too unstructured to be a sweater, but more interesting than a poncho, it’s a Swancho!  Wear a swancho with jeans, tights, a skirt – really anything you like. I love the styling of Blish by mega designer Norah Gaugan – she’s great!

You can make it in cheap ‘n cheerful Cascade 220 Heathers or Berroco Vintage, or upgrade to a hand dyed merino like Malabrigo Rios or Malabrigo Merino Worsted. For a really marled look (two colours blended in a tweedy look like in the pattern picture) you can also hold 2 strands of a finer yarn together, like Madeline Tosh Merino Light, Manos Alegria, Malabrigo Mechita, or  Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino ( you’ll need about 950(1070, 1300, 1430, 1550) metres of each colour). Cascade 220 Heathers also comes in a marled grey colourway #9402.

If you don’t care for the little eyelet detail down the arms you can substitute a lifted stitch increase for the yarn-overs.

Yarn Options

Cascade 220 Heathers:  5(6, 7, 8, 8) skeins  (100% Peruvian wool)

Malabrigo Rios: 5(6, 7, 8, 8) skeins  (100% Superwash merino wool)

Malabrigo Merino Worsted: 5(6, 7, 8, 8) skeins  (100% merino wool)

Berroco Vintage: 5(6, 7, 8, 8) skeins  (Superwash wool/synthetic blend)

Other Materials

  • FREE Pattern
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 16″ circular needles
  • 3.75mm/US5 – 16″ circular needles
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 29″ circular needles
  • 3.75mm/US5 – 29″ circular needles
  • 3.75mm/US5 double pointed needles
  • cable needle
  • 1 stitch marker


This garment was designed with approximately 10” of ease. Due to the dolman sleeves, the bust is very roomy, so go by the lower edge measurement when selecting your size

  • To Fit Bust Size: 30(34, 38, 42, 46, 50)”
  • Lower Edge: 40(44, 48, 52, 56, 60)”
  • Length (including collar): 26(26½, 28, 28½, 30¼, 31)”


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RESTOCKED Malabrigo PussyHat Fuchsia


We just received a new shipment of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in colour 93 Fuchsia for your pussyhat making pleasure. It’s actually a gorgeous colour and we regularly sell out, but there seems to have been a run on fuchsias lately ….

FREEBIE Yellow Brick Cold


Yellow Brick Cold

A client walked in today wearing this cowl and it looked SO GOOD, I had to share! Hers was very similar to the original in the picture, it was a similar solid coloured yellow, but I think it was knitted on smaller needles. She also had a couple of big round buttons are the join – it was a nice little decorative accent. The pattern was written with simple, affordable Berroco Vintage, but you can make it with any kind of worsted weight yarn (see options below).  One caveat: you might want to use different size needles for the different stitches, the garter stitch might require a smaller needle than the basket weave stitch – play around and see what you like.

Yarn Options


  • FREE Pattern
  • 8mm/US 11 needles (or smaller, check your tension)
  • tapestry/darning needle

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Lava Flow Cowl


lava flow cowl 4.jpg

Lava Flow Cowl

We finished this cool accessory a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the holiday season always keeps us super busy. The design is so cool, the technique that makes the waves is really interesting, a fun new skill to add to your box of tricks. We used two skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted (ON SALE!) and 5.5mm/US9 needles. The the closure is a removable/reusable JUL Designs Leather Pedestal Button (size medium), you can see all our JUL closures HERE. (The grey sweater coat is something cool I picked up at Winners many years ag0 – sorry, there is no pattern available).


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FREEBIE Tea-Cozy Hat

Tea-Cozy Hat

People with ponies and buns (even man-buns) need hats too – especially this winter! I like the detail at the top of this hat by very clever hat designer Woolly Wormhead. The i-cord pulls it in to the exact size you need, and the little flourish on top finishes off the look. You can use any worsted or aran weight yarn, but I think it looks great in a soft, plush yarn like Malabrigo Merino Worsted.

FREEBIE The Pussyhat Project

The Pussyhat Project

At first glance on Ravelry I thought this pattern was a cute, quirky hat, but it’s more than that, it’s a social and political statement. Designed by Kat Coyle, its a very simple pattern in support of the Women’s March on the Washington Mall (in Washington DC) on January 21st, 2017. You can make one and send it to the organizers to hand out to attendees, or just wear one yourself in support of womens’ rights.

The pattern is very simple, it’s just a rectangle that is folded over and sewn up the sides. If you don’t know how to purl it’s ok, you can skip the purling and just knit. It is made using super soft and lovely Malabrigo Merino Worsted, but you can use any worsted weight yarn in any shade of pink (see other options below).

Yarn Options

Malabrigo Merino Worsted: 1 skein (100% Merino Wool)

Cascade 220 SuperwashCascade 220 Superwash: 1 skein (machine washable Peruvian wool, use 4.5mm/US7 needles)

Cascade 220 Heathers: 1 skein (100% Peruvian wool, use 4.5mm/US7 needles)

Berroco Vintage: 1 skein (machine washable wool/synthetic blend)

Cascade Avalon: 1 skein (machine washable cotton/synthetic blend)

Other Materials

  • FREE Pattern
  • 5mm/US8 needles (straight or circular)
  • tapestry needle