NEW Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten (& Sock) Kits

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Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kit

Thrumming is a very old technique that is seriously fun and functional. Small tufts of roving (wool that hasn’t been spun into yarn yet) are knit into the garment creating a warm, fuzzy layer on the inside and irresistible dots of colour the outside. As you wear them, the thrummed roving felts down, keeping your hands warm and cozy (take note dog owners, these are ideal winter dog walking mitts).

Note: The mittens will be the colour of the yarn (usually the more neutral colour) and the thrums (roving) will peek through as little dots. This kit can also be used to make a pair of  Thrummed Socks (great as house-socks or slippers, get the free pattern HERE)! Each kit is individually hand dyed, no two will be exactly alike. Kit does not include needles:  3.5mm/US4 double pointed needles.

Kit Includes

  • Pattern & instructions for thrummed mittens (or you can download them free HERE)
  • Yarn: Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran, 125g (100% wool)
  • Roving: 60g (100% wool)
  • Sizes included: Child, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large.


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