Quince Kestrel Jessamin 4


We just finished Jessamin, our second project in Quince & Co Kestrel and it worked out AMAZING! We learned with our first project, Hamlin Peak, that knitted linen fabric can be very stretchy, especially knitted at a looser tension. Our Hamilin Peak came out at least a size too big, so we went down a size on Jessamin, and it worked!

Jessamin is a fairly simple spring/summer cardie, a basic top-down raglan with a little bit of easy open-work detail on the lower sections. The pattern is easy to personalize, making it longer or shorter is a snap. An excellent Spring quickie!

Sorry about the colour we chose is a bit uninspiring (we used the one colour left-over from last year) but imagine how amazing it would look in something brighter? Check out the colours HERE. The new shades for 2016 (Antler, Ash, and Wave) are in the mail and on their way.


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