KITS Classic Baby Knits (worsted)

I personally have an eye for the wild, weird & whimsical, but I also appreciate the balance and calm of the classics. The following are some worsted weight baby projects for the most discriminating eye (unless you make them in hellacious colours, in which case all bets are off). The suggested yarn, Berroco Vintage , is soft, washable, affordable, and comes in a broad selection of classic and adventurous colours. As always, we can substitute any of our baby-friendly worsted weight yarns. If you’re looking for some projects made with thinner yarn those will be up at bat next, but you can browse HERE.


These kits are a special-order and we aren’t stocking them in the store on a regular basis, but you have the option to order them any time (they will be available to purchase as long as the manufacturer makes it available to us). That said, we keep  Berroco Vintage in stock all year and are always reordering, so if the yarn is in stock your kit will be available very quickly. Your kit will ship or be available for pick-up once it arrives, and we will contact you. If you need your kit for a specific date please let us know and we can find out if it’s feasible.  


Simple and sweet, Ivy is a rectangular lace blanket that’s just the right size to become your little one’s favorite. The stitch pattern is both charted and written out, and is only 4 rows, making it a great choice for knitters who are new to lace.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Skills: Cast on, cast off, knit, purl, reading a patternbasic lace knitting, joining a new ball of yarnweaving in ends, reading a chart (optional), using lifelines (optional).


  • Approx 28½” wide x 30” long
  • For 33″ x 34″: add 20 sts to cast-on and 1 extra skein of yarn 
  • For 35″ x 37″: add 30 sts and 2 extra skeins of yarn
  • For 37.5″ x 38″: add 40 sts and 2 extra skeins of yarn 
  • For 40″ x 42″: add 50 sts and 3 extra skeins of yarn

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include


  • The pattern repeat is 10 sts, so to make your blanket narrower or wider you would add or remove stitches in denominations of 10. 
  • Each pattern repeat measures approximately 2.25″


Luca is a miniature gansey pullover with buttons at the neck for easy dressing. This pattern is knit in pieces and seamed together.

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced-beginner

Skills: Cast on, cast off, knit, purl, reading a pattern, joining a new ball of yarnweaving in ends, seaming (mattress stitch)


  • 3(6, 9, 12, 18) months
  • To Fit Chest Size:  17(18-19-20-21)˝
  • Finished Chest – 20(21-22-23-24)˝
  • Finished Length – 9½(10-10½-11-11½)˝
  • This garment was designed with approximately 3” of ease.  Please take this into consideration when selecting your size.

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include

Battenberg Blanket

The Battenberg Baby Blanket is a classicly styled blanket, with a simple, elegant aesthetic. The stitch used has the appearance of complicated waves,  but it’s really just an easy ribbing that starts one stitch to the right every few rows. For an unusual touch, the edging is worked along the sides but doesn’t meet in the corners.

Skill Level: advanced-beginner 

Size: 35” wide x 42” long

Skills: following a pattern, pick-up & knit stitchesweaving in ends

Kit Includes:

Kit DOES NOT include:


With extra-long ears and a large pom-pom for a tail, Rabbit will fit right in with the rest of your little one’s menagerie of toys. This toy is knit in the round, mostly in one piece. Ears are sewn on, as is the pom-pom tail. 

Skill Level: advanced-beginner to intermediate

Skills:  knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, seaming (mattress stitch), picking up and knitting stitchesincreasing (M1L & M1R), decreasing (K2tog SSK), cable cast-on.

Size: approximately 10” around body x 11½” high (not including ears)

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include



Whether your little one is a future gardener, chef or nature lover, he or she is sure to love this soft toy carrot. 

Skill Level: advanced-beginner to intermediate

Skills:  knitting in the round on double-pointed needlescast-on (provisional), seaming (mattress stitch), increasing (M1L & M1R), decreasing (K2tog SSK), grafting (kitchener stitch).

Size: approximately 8” around (at widest point) x 12” long (including leaves)

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include


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