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Posy Tank Top

I just came across Posy and I knew it would make for a stunning pairing with Quince & Co Sparrow, which by the way is ON SALE TO AUG 4! It has a pretty and simple lace detail at the bottom and then the rest is knit on cruise control in stocking stitch. It’s knit from the bottom up in the round, and then the front and back are knit flat once you get to underarms. I especially like the shoulder strap detail with the ties made with iCord, it’s a really pretty tie-in (no pun intended) with the lace, but it also address the issues of fit, since they’re are adjustable.  A variation for wider straps is also included at the end of the pattern. I also like that the pattern is extremely size inclusive and goes up to a 67″ bust, and the fit is one that will look great on any body.

Photo: Along Avec Anna


If you’ve already heard me go on about how much I adore Quince & Co Sparrow then please feel free to skip over the rest of this blurb. I love Sparrow SOOOOOOOOOO much. It just makes the perfect summer garments. When you see it in the skein it looks a bit matte and feels stiff, but once it goes in the wash it acquires a gorgeous lustre and loosens up COMPLETELY. The resulting fabric flows like water, and it feels cool on the skin (cooler than cotton). Linen is also one of the most eco friendly fibres in the world, and this one is also organic and milled in Italy. I don’t really think of this yarn as a luxury, it’s more of an investment. For me, the cost per use is extremely low; I wear my garments constantly and have for years (never have I ever retired a Sparrow garment).

A few notes:

  • Linen is very stretchy, so if in doubt DO NOT go up a size.
  • I don’t think the marled colours will have the same lustre as the solids, their texture is slightly different, but they’re lovely in their own special way.
  • Sparrow is machine washable, just pop it in a delicate bag and it’s good to go. I think this makes so much sense for summer garments – who are we kidding, we sweat.
  • I usually dry garments made with Sparrow on low in the delicate bag, but if you want to get a little structure back into it leave it to air dry flat.
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  • Finished Bust circumference: 33.25(36.75, 40, 43.25) [46.75, 50, 53.25, 56.75] {60, 63.25, 66.75}” OR 83 (92, 100, 108) [117, 125, 133, 142] {150, 158, 167} cm
  • Recommended ease between 2 to 4″ or 5 to 10 cm of positive ease


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