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TRUNK SHOW Berroco Spring/Summer 2022 to June 13

Berroco has sent us a Trunk show – a handful of their summer samples to explore, and they are here in store until June 13th! Its a great way to check out different yarns, see how they knit, and explore patterns you might not have considered otherwise.

It takes a loooong time to load a project up to our online store, so I’ve only put the projects that I think are really special. If you want to make one of the others just contact us and we’ll make that happen the older fashioned way.


Sapphire was my favourite new pattern for Spring/Summer this year from Berroco. It’s such a sweet and wearable little top that looks good on all types of bodies. It looks sweet over a summer dress, or you can wear it with pants, a skirt – it goes with everything. The pattern was designed with Berroco Vivo, but thre are lots of yarn options you can go for (see below for options). To make the arms longer pick-up the sleeves and knit down in pattern stitch to your desired length.



Sapphire is a classic dolman sleeve V-neck cardigan in an all-over textured stitch. Back, Right Front, and Left Front are each worked separately, with increases forming the dolman sleeves. Pieces are sewn together, then sleeve cuffs and button band are picked up and knit.


Note:  Since this garment has a dolman sleeve, the bust measurement is very forgiving.  Go by the waist measurement when selecting your size.

  • Waist: (32½, 36, 40½, 44½) [48½, 52½, 56½, 60½] {64½, 68½, 72½, 76½}” / (82.5, 91.5, 103, 113) [123, 133.5, 143.5, 153.5] {164, 174, 184, 194.5} cm
  • Length: (17½, 18, 18¾, 19¼) [20, 20¾, 21¼, 22] {22¾, 23¼, 24, 24½}” / (44.5, 45.5, 47.5, 49) [51, 52.5, 54, 56] {58, 59, 61, 62} cm
  • Shown in size 36″ / 91.5 cm. Recommended ease:  Approximately 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.

The Yarn

Berroco Vivo is a bright and cheerful cotton yarn that features a delightful color flow. Tropical colors in a cottony soft fiber make it perfect for summer tops and accessories. Plus, it’s machine washable, making a great choice for summer tops!

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100g/290m (317 yds)
  • DK weight
  • 4mm/US6 needles 
  • 4mm/G hook
  • Knitting gauge: 5.5 sts = 1″ or 22 sts & 30 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Crochet gauge: 5 sc = 1″ or 20 sc & 25 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Made in Italy
  • Machine wash delicate, lay flat to dry


  • 22 sts and 32 rows = 4″ / 10 cm in Moss stitch, on larger needle

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include

The pattern designer, Åsa Buchta, made herself a Sapphire using Berroco Remix Light (see below for details).

Yarn Substitutions

Want to make this sweater, but in a different yarn? We recommend the following:

Berroco Pima Soft

  • Soft as a cloud, if you like things simple this is a gorgeous option!
  • 100% super soft pima cotton with a bit of texture. (50g/113m, $9.97/ball)
  • (8,  8, 8, 11) [11, 11, 13, 16] {16, 18, 18, 21} balls

Berroco Remix Light

Berroco Summer Sesame

  • A great option if you want colour that’s a little more grown-up.
  • A machine-washable blend of cotton & acrylic that’s light, comfortable and colourful. (100g/270m, $21.97/ball)
  • (4, 4, 4, 5) [5, 5, 6, 7] {7, 8, 8, 9} ball

Berroco Vintage DK

  • Another great, affordable option for a spring/autumn cardie
  • A soft, machine-washable blend of wool & synthetic thats’ also affordable – great for lighter sweaters in cooler weather. (100g/266m, $9.97/ball)
  • (4, 4, 4, 5) [5, 5, 6, 7] {7, 8, 8, 9} skeins


Riveria is one of those simple summer knits you love making AND wearing. It’s made in one piece from the top-down with Berroco Pima Soft, a super-soft cloud cotton. To make longer sleeves just keep knitting down instead of making the ribbing.


Riveria is a cheerful, simple cotton tee with a lace yoke. It’s worked from the top-down, in the round, to underarms, then divided for body and sleeves. The body is worked in the round to lower edge (the lace yoke pattern is charted).


The Yarn

Berroco Pima Soft is a new, CRAZY SOFT, 2-ply yarn made with 100% pima cotton. It’s slightly textured, making it much more forgiving to knit with than a smooth cotton (which also makes weaving in ends and finishing easier). It’s perfect for anything you want to make, from tees, tanks, sweaters, chemo-hats, babies, blankets, cushions – you name it. It’s a DK weight (21 to 22 sts/4″ on a 3.75mm/US5 to 4mm/US6 needle) so it isn’t too heavy for warm weather or if your internal thermostat runs warm. It’s lovely for crochet and knitting, and is just right for all climates! It’s great for knitting and crochet, and I think it would also make a nice texture in a punch needle project.

  • 100% Pima Cotton
  • 50g/113m (123yds)
  • DK weight
  • 3.75 – 4mm/US5 – 6 needles
  • 21 to 22 sts & 29 to 30 rows = 4″/10cm
  • Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry
  • Made in Peru


  • Bust: (32½, 36½, 40½) 44½, 48½, 52½, 56½ {60½, 64½, 68½}“ / (82.5, 93, 103) 113, 123, 133.5, 143.5 {153.5, 164, 174} cm
  • Length: (20, 20½, 21) 21¾, 22¼, 22¼, 22½ {23, 23, 23½}” / (51, 52, 53.5) 55, 56.5, 56.5, 57 {58.5, 58.5, 59.5} cm
  • Shown in size 36½“ / 93 cm.
  • Recommended ease: 2–4” / 5–10 cm positive ease.

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include

  • 4mm/US6 – 16″ circular needles
  • 4mm/US6 – 32″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 16″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 32″ circular needles
  • 5 stitch markers
  • tapestry needle
  • scrap yarn



Goshen is one of my favroutie samples that came with the trunk-show. It’s a strudly little purse-sized bag you can wear over your shoulder or across your body. The pattern is designed with Berroco Medina, but you can also use Berroco Summer Sesame (3 balls), which might be easier to work with because it has some texture. Additional yarn alternative are included below (should you want to make it a solid colour, or marled, etc). I would 100%, no question make this for myself and/or as a gift.



Goshen is worked with 2 strands held together throughout. It is worked flat and seamed.


  • Bag portion measures approximately 12″ wide x 11½” high (not including strap),
  • Strap is 34″ long (includes tapering, strap is measured from top of bag opening)
  • The finished project weighs 252g, so there is extra yarn left-over to make your strap longer.
Taking a picture of a bag on your body is decidedly challenging …

The Yarn

Berroco Medina

Warm colors ebb and flow in this long-color repeating yarn that is ideal for summer accessories and garments. Berroco Medina blends cotton, acrylic, and viscose in a DK-weight yarn with gorgeous colors.


  • 23 sts and 26 rows = 4″ over pattern stitch with 2 strands

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include

Other Yarn Options

In case you don’t want to wait for a kit (since the pattern is free online), here are some other yarn options that are in stock in store:

Enjoy sampling a few textured stitch patterns in this flattering spring tee. Vincas features a boxy shape and slight drop shoulders. 



  • Bust: (37¾, 41, 43¾, 46¾) [50, 53, 56] {59, 62, 65, 68]” / (96, 104, 111, 119) [127, 134.5, 142] {150, 157.5, 165, 172.5} cm
  • Length: (21½, 22, 22, 22½) [22½, 23, 23½] {24, 24½, 25, 25}” / (54.5, 56, 56, 57) [57, 58.5, 59.5] {61, 62, 63.5, 63.5} cm
  • Shown in size 41″ / 104 cm.
  • Recommended ease: Approximately 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.


  • Berroco Pima Soft:  (7, 7, 8, 8) [9, 10, 11] {11, 12, 13, 13} balls, shown in4633 Coral
  • 4mm/US6 needles (straight or circular)
  • 3.5mm/US4 needles (straight or circular)
  • 3.5mm/US4 needles – 16″ circular needles
  • 1 stitch marker
  • 2 stitch holders
  • Waste Yarn
  • FREE Pattern


Keshi is a luxurious lace shawl that’s *surprise* worked in the round and cut open at the end! The cut stitches are then dropped and knotted to form fringe. Lace pattern is charted. Kit is $83.97 + tax and includes yarn & pattern.


Size: Approximately 84″ / 213 cm long x 15½” / 39 cm wide 


  • Berroco Isola:  4 balls, sown in 8928 Burano {$20.97/ball}
  • 4mm/US6 – 32″ circular needles
  • 3 stitch markers (1 a different color for beg-of-rnd)
  • Pattern



A casual tee with a diamond lace motif and split hem. Back and Front hems are worked separately, then joined and the body is worked in the round to the underarms.  Piece is then divided for back and front which are worked flat. Stitch patterns are charted.


  • Bust: (38, 42, 46) [50, 54, 58] {62, 66, 70}” / (96.5, 106.5, 117) [127, 137, 147.5] {157.5, 167.5, 178} cm
  • Length: (21½, 22, 22½) [22½, 23, 23½] {24, 24½, 25}” / (54.5, 56, 57) [57, 58.5, 59.5] {61, 62, 63.5} cm
  • Shown in size 42″ / 106.5 cm. Recommended ease:  Approximately 4–6″ / 10–15 cm positive ease.


  • Berroco Meraki (50 grs): (6, 7, 7) [8, 9, 9] {10, 11, 12} balls #6009 Adore {$10.47/ball}
  • 4mm/US6 – 32″ circular needles
  • 3.75mm/US5 – 16″ circular needles
  • Scrap yarn to hold stitches
  • Pattern



Auden is an all-over lace cardigan. Worked from the bottom up, fronts and back are separated and stitches are cast on for the sleeves. The fit is a relaxed and flattering kind of piece. Stitch pattern is both charted and has written instructions.


  • Bust: (37, 41, 44½) [48½, 52, 56, 60] {64½, 67½, 72}” / (94, 104, 113) [123, 132, 142, 152.5] {164, 171.5, 183} cm – This includes a 5″ / 12.5 cm opening at the center front.
  • Length: (25½, 26, 26) [26½, 26½, 27, 27] {27½, 27½, 28}” / (65, 66, 66) [67.5, 67.5, 68.5, 68.5] {70, 70, 71} cm
  • Shown in size 41″ / 104 cm. Recommended ease: approximately 2–5″ / 5–12.5 cm positive ease


  • Berroco Remix: (4, 5, 6) [6, 7, 7, 7] {8, 9, 9} balls, sown in colour 3903 Almond
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 32″ circular needles
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 16″ circular needles
  • scrap yarn to hold stitches
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Pattern



Have fun mixing stripes and textures in this simple and polished pullover. The sweater is made in pieces and seamed for a classic fit.


  • Bust: (35¼, 38½, 41½) [44¾, 48, 51¼] {54½, 57½, 62½}” / (89.5, 98, 105.5) [113.5, 122, 130] {138.5, 146, 159} cm
  • Length: (22¾, 23, 23¼) [23½, 24, 24¼] {24½, 24¾, 25}” / (58, 58.5, 59) [59.5, 61, 61.5] {62, 63, 63.5} cm down center back
  • Shown in size 38½” / 98 cm. Suggested ease: 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.


  • Berroco Zinnia (50 grs): (5, 6, 6) [6, 7, 7] {8, 8, 9} balls each #7111 Marzipan (MC) and #7133 Peach Cobbler (CC) {$15.47/ball}
  • 4mm/US6 – 32″ circular needles
  • 4mm/US6 – 16″ circular needles
  • 5mm/US8 – 32″ circular needles
  • 4mm/US6 double pointed needles
  • 5mm/US8 double pointed needles
  • 2 stitch markers (2 different colors)
  • Scrap yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • FREE Pattern


Grab this shawl for the next time you need a touch of warmth! Worked in garter stitch with a lace edging it’s a simple and satisfying shawl.


Size: Approximately 54″ / 137 cm across top x 14″ / 35.5 cm wide (at widest point)



The classic tee, updated: knit flat from sleeve to sleeve with a shaped hemline and relaxed fit. Just the kind of modern take on a traditional garment to carry you through the warm days of summer. Try substituting Berroco Summer Sesame for a fun, colourful effect!



  • Finsihed Bust—36(40-44-48-52-56-60)”
  • Finished Length—22(22-22½-23-23½-23½-24)”
  • Shown in size 40″


  • Berroco Pima 100: 4(4-5-5-6-6-7) hanks #8431 Chrysanthemum
  • 3.75mm/US5 – 29″ circular needles
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 29″ circular needles
  • 3.75mm/US5 – 16″ circular needles
  • Waste yarn to hold sts
  • Pattern

PROJECT/KIT Mrs. Watson for Summer


These kits are a special-order, we aren’t stocking them in the store on a regular basis but you have the option to order them any time (it will be available to purchase as long as the manufacturer makes it available to us). Your kit will ship or be available for pick-up once it arrives, and we will contact you. If you need your kit for a specific date please let us know and we can find out if it’s doable. 

Mrs Watson

I’ve kind of been into slightly order patterns lately, not necessarily ‘vintage’ or retro, but things I think are awesome, maybe a bit different, but didn’t get the traction that other patterns do. I think of them like the Miros or Gaudis of the pattern landscape: peripheral, but absolutely brilliant.

One of these gems is Mrs. Watson by Martina Behm. I love the asymmetry and the graphic quality of the design. The shape is just interesting, and I like the way it draws inspiration from nature in the markings on a feather or a leaf (yeah, I know, I have a bird, I know feathers and leaves don’t actually look like that, but you get the concept). The stripes are created using short rows and an asymmetrical shape is achieved using strategic increases (don’t worry, it only sounds hard, it’s actually pretty straightforward).

This pattern also comes with a small technical bonus – it’s all garter stitch, which means you don’t have to unwrap any of you short-rows! If you are familiar with the short-row technique, then you already know that this is the fussier part of it, so it’s great to be able to skip it.

The Yarns

While I was swatching summer yarn samples from Berroco I had one of my “you know what would work well together …?!” moments. Berroco Medina knit up in such a beautiful colourway, I thought it might really hit the spot for a summer wrap (it’s a blend of cotton, viscose & acrylic). I paired it with Berroco Mantra, a 100% silk yarn, which is it’s a matte silk with a slightly slightly rustic look. Both are summer yarns, neither contain any woolly ingredients – perfect for a spring & summer wrap!

If you want to use a winter (wool) yarn, I suggest Fibre Co Acadia for the main colour and Schoppel Edition 3 as the contrast (you can also flip the solid vs ombre yarn, I’m trying that out right now). If you only want to use solid colours then you’ve got lots of options, just about anything Sport Weight to DK Weight will work.


I’ve gone through all of the colours for both yarns and paired them up with their best candidates for this project. If there is a combo that I missed, you can choose the “Choose Your Own Colours” option and leave us a note when you check out (or email) with your choice. 

The design works extremely well with a high contrast between the two yarns, especially the neutral cream as the main colour and the shifting colourway of a darker contrast colour. This kind of pairing is a no-brainer – natural/cream goes with just about everything, and it always makes the coloured yarn pop. I used main colour 4402 Cream and contrast colour 4733 Agadir.

There is, however, a case for colours that are a bit closer together, they just have to be colours that work well together and respect the balance in the pattern. You may not always get the same distinct patterning, but it can be gorgeous in a waving, undulating way. If you feel like the high contrast print is a bit too stark for you, consider one of these combos, they’re more subtle.


I made our shawl a bit larger than the pattern (see Larger Size in the drop-down menu) by adding an extra three pattern repeats in “Leaf Pattern 3” and “Leaf Pattern 4” (a total of 6 leaf patterns between the two sections combined). 

I did not block our sample because I was enjoying it exactly as it is, but these yarns will block well and can be blocked aggressively if you want to make your shawl larger. 

I did not carry the yarn up the side and don’t recommend doing this – it left A LOT of ends to weave in and used up yarn unnecessarily.  I strongly recommend following this tutorial on how to elegantly carry colours up the side:


Like I mentioned above, I did not block our sample, but these yarns will block well can be blocked aggressively if you want to make your shawl larger. 

  • Regular Size (following pattern instructions): approx 66″ long x 20″ across (blocked, made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca on 4mm/US6 needles)
  • Larger Size (with 6 extra pattern repeats): 68″ long x 20″ across (unblocked, made with Berroco Medina & Berroco Mantra on 3.75mm/US5 needles. Will be substantially larger if blocked aggressively)

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include

Because the pattern is owned by an independent designer, I think it is in their best interest if each customer buys and downloads it themselves. If you have a hard time with this type of thing you can purchase the pattern through us and we will download and print it on your behalf (see the bottom of the drop-down menu for this option). 

Special Skills

Knit it Hacks

  • I like to put a locking stitch marker in my wraps so I can find them easily and keep track of how many I’ve done (it isn’t necessary, but I find I makes life easier).
  • I also use locking stitch markers to mark sections of the pattern, so I can quickly look and see how many repeats I’ve finished.