FREEBIE! Linen Triangle Wrap

Linen Triangle

I love the simple, rustic yet modern look of this wrap. The pattern is super simple – just 3 lines, and that includes the cast-on! Perfect for mindless summer knitting. Plus it’s free, and made with one of my favourite yarns, Quince & Co Kestrel. Kestrel is a beautiful linen that’s easy to work with and washes beautifully (machine wash & dry in a lingerie bag).

On that subject, don’t be scared of the suggested needle size. The pattern was designed to create a very dense fabric (I tested it), but if you prefer feel free to go up a needle size – just be sure to swatch first to make sure you like how the fabric looks and feels, and cast on fewer stitches or your wrap will be huge (you also won’t need as much yarn). I tried a 5mm/US8 needle and it looked fine.




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