PROJECTS in Progress: Gillespie


Spring Knitting ADD: Part 1

I am in the throws of full Spring knitting ADD. Several projects are on the needles, and more are in the planning stages. If you also suffer from Spring Knitting ADD don’t blame yourself, it’s the rollercoaster weather. On warmer days I’ve been working on GILLESPIE, a light,  warm weather sweater made with Quince & Co Sparrow. Becuase it is linen I’m making a smaller size than I normally would, and I don’t think I’ll need more than 6 skeins. I’ve also made some pattern modifications to make it fit me and the store mannequin better (we both have small shoulders), which I always add to my project notes in Ravelry.

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My work on this sweater has been a bit congested lately, but I’ve found that I like knitting with this fine linen best while lying down on my sofa – I don’t know why, but I’m best able to get into the flow in this position. Sitting positions, no matter how slouchy, don’t seem to do it for me with this yarn. I think it’s because my body (head, neck, back, shoulders, arms) is fully supported. The pattern is straight knitting and there isn’t much to look at, so it’s ideal for catching up on some trashy TV.


Gillespie Progress Combo

Photos: Quince & Co, Knit-O-Matic