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KAL Carbeth


Photos: Kate Davies

Carbeth KAL

I love the simple lines of this casual, oversized sweater (Carbeth), and after a few people told me chatted me up about it I thought I should definitely share.  Mason Dixon Knitting is hosting a “Bang Out A Carbeth” KAL (knit-along), and should you want to join, I’ve got a few post-holidays affordable yarn suggestions …

Cascade Eco

  • 2 skeins (holding 1 strand) … all sizes come to about $60
  • This 100% Peruvian wool is great for an oversized sweater, and you can’t beat the price!

Berroco Vintage Chunky

  • 4(5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7) skeins (holding 1 strand) … $40 to $70
  • Soft, comfortable and machine washable, Berroco Vintage Chunky is a great choice for people with sensitive skin who can’t wear wool, or anyone who may not be inclined to wash by hand. Plus, it comes in a full palette of gorgeous colours!

Berroco Remix Light

  • 3(3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4) skeins (holding 2 strands together) … $46 to $62
  • Wool-free, soft, pretty, comfortable, machine washable and environmentally friendly, Berroco Remix Light is a great option for a sweater that will carry you from winter through to spring (I don’t know about the climate where you live, but where I am it doesn’t really get particularly warm until mid-May).
  • The Carbeth pattern was originally written for two strands of yarn held together, so doing this with the remix shouldn’t be a problem, and the yarn’s tweedy texture will blend well. Plus, using two strands gives you the opportunity to use two different colours at the same time to create a marled effect … I think i may do this with mine.


Finished measurement at bust: 92.5 (101.5, 110.5, 122, 133.5, 142, 151) cm / 36½ (40, 43½, 48, 52½, 56, 59½) in.


Cozy Weekend

Since we’re looking towards the Labour Day Long Weekend (how did THAT happen so fast?!) I thought it might be a good theme. This sweater is super cosy and a VERY quick knit on 10mm/US15 needles with affordably priced Cascade Lana Grande.

KNIT HACK: A Note on Ease & Thick Yarns

When choosing a size in a sweater made with a very thick yarn you should always account for a good amount of positive ease (the space between you and the sweater) for it to fit properly. This extra space sounds like it will make the garment too large, but it is actually eaten up by the thickness of the fabric itself. 4″ to 6″ of positive ease is not uncommon. Another thing to consider is that garments made with thicker yarn require space for you to move comfortably in. Looking at the finished measurements of this sweater, a 41″ bust circumference for a size small is not unheard of, especially since the style is a little oversized and casual.


  • Cascade Lana Grande: 7(8, 9, 10, 10, 11) skeins
  • 10mm/US15-29″ circular needles
  • 9mm/US13-29″ circular needles
  • 9mm/US13 double pointed needles
  • FREE Pattern


  • S (M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)
  • Circumference at bust: 102(112, 120, 128, 138, 152) cm or 41(45, 48, 51, 55, 61) inches

Labour Day Long Weekend Hours

We will be closed from Sept 2 to Sept 4 for the Labour Day holiday.

  • Saturday Sept 2 Closed
  • Sunday Sept 3 Closed
  • Monday Sept 4 Closed
  • Tuesday Sept 5 11am – 6pm

Return to Fall/Winter Hours

Starting September 18 We will return to our regular Fall-Winter store hours (open Sundays) and our SnB groups will return to their regular dates (Tuesday 12-4, Wednesday 5-8, Sunday 1-5).

Haley Takes a Holiday

I’m taking a week off before the fall rush hits, and Liane will be minding the store from Monday Aug 28 to Friday Sept 1, so please drop by and keep her company! We won’t be shipping anything from August 27th to September 4th, but you can still pick up your online orders in store. I’ll try and post during my R&R, but if I don’t please don’t feel abandoned, it only means I’m very busy relaxing.

ASHES & KNIT HACK: Making Marls




I just ran across this new pattern on Ravelry, Ashes, and knew that it’s simple, easy to wear look would appeal. I mean, can’t you see yourself wearing this just about everywhere and every day? It’s the kind of sweater you can make several versions of, one for each season in a different type of yarn. One thought that came immediately to mind was that this sweater would look amazing knitted up as a marled colour (see all about that below).


NOTE: this pattern is designed to be quite oversized. Before you choose a size to make you should check the finished dimensions below, you may want to make a smaller size than normal.

  • XS (S, M1, M2, L, XL, XXL)
  • finished bust circumference:  46.5 (48.5, 51, 53, 55, 57, 58.5)” or 116.5 (121.5, 127, 132, 137.5, 142.5, 146) cm
  • Sample is size XS worn with 14.5” (36.5 cm) positive ease at bust


  • Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino: 3(3, 3, 4, 4, 4) skeins in each of TWO colours [a total of 6(6, 6, 8, 8, 8) skeins]
  • 3.25mm/US3, 24” (60 cm) AND 32” (80 cm) circular needles, AND Double pointed needles
  • 3.5 mm/US4, 24” (60 cm) AND 32” (80 cm) circular needle, AND Double pointed needles
  • Stitch holders or waste yarn
  • stitch markers
  • tapestry needle
  • Pattern


Forester from Brooklyn Tweed: Great example of a marled knit.

Knit Hack: Making Marls

marled colorway is usually created by holding two strands of different colours together at the same time. Above is a great example of a marled knit, Forester by Brooklyn Tweed.

Marled Yarn COMBO.jpg

Marled Yarn: Misti Alapca Chunky in a marked colourway.

You can also buy yarn that creates a marled effect (see above), it will be an equal combination of at least two colours, by sometimes there are more.

Fibre Texture

One important thing to consider when knitting up your own mark is the texture of the fibre. A marled textile works best if the fibres stick together and ‘blend’ a bit. The fuzzier the yarn, the better the marl effect. Yarns with a smooth surface don’t blend well. I think Ashes it would be awesome worked up with a single ply laceweight yarn like Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino. It has a halo to it that will make the two strands blend together almost seamlessly.

Malabrigo Lace COMBO Marls

Colour Combinations

High Contrast

Most people think of a marled colour as a high contrast and obvious look, like a black & cream (195 Black & 64 Natural) or black & light grey  (195 Black & 9 Polar). You can also experiment with something a bit more edgy, like a tan & muted pink (like 18 Applewood & 60 Dusty).

Low Contrast

Another option is a lower contrast, which creates a more subtle effect. Putting two reds together would create a subtle depth of colour (like 44 Geranio and 94 Bergamota), or a bright red & pink would be a vibrant combination (like 94 Bergamota & 184 Shocking Pink). Blues look great combined together (like 186 Buscando Azul and 26 Continental, or 27 Bobby Blue & 98 Tuareg). If you’re a purple person try 34 Orchid & 97 Cuarzo for a subtle, pretty purple.


If you want something variegated, but the original colourway is a bit too much, try pairing it with one of the dominant colours in the colourway (like 242 Intenso & 44 Geranio, 157 Amoroso & 24 Vermillion, 228 Snowbird & 94 Bergamota, or 9 Polar Morn & 622 SFO Sky).


Ashes Marled COMBO

Photos: Misti Alpaca, grasflecken/Isabell Kraemer




FINISHED Gillespie

Quince & Co Sparrow Gillespie Project .png


I finished my Gillespie pullover just in time for the warm weather and I LOVE it!  It took a little while to finish it, but that’s mostly about me and not the project, which was great. The pattern was a simple top-down raglan and easy. Because linen stretches I went down one size and made the smallest size, and it still feels like it fits with positive ease –  the fit is loose and comfortable. The fabric is soft, smooth and cool – I LURV Quince & Co Sparrow for summer garments, it’s so blissfully comfortable in warm weather!

Quince & Co Sparrow is on SALE until the end of July!

Initially felt that the neck would be too wide for my narrow shoulders, and I was right. I made some modifications and made the neck narrower and it is still fairly wide (all details are in our Ravelry Project Notes). I made the body and arms a bit longer, but linen grows with wear, so I might need to take them back (one of the benefits of a top-down construction). I also put a handful of short-rows in the back to even it out, but now that I’m wearing the sweater I don’t know if that was necessary because the fabric has so much drape.

For all the blog posts in this series click HERE.


  • Finished Bust: 34¼ (37¾, 41¼, 44¾, 48¼, 52, 55½, 59)” or [87 (96, 105, 113.5, 122.5, 132, 141, 150) cm] bust circumference;
  • Shown in size 37¾” [93.5 cm] with 3¾” [9.5 cm] positive ease


  • Quince & Co Sparrow: 6 (6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10) skeins
  • 3.25mm/US3 – 16″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 24″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 32″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 double pointed needles
  • stitch markers
  • scrap yarn
  • tapestry/daring needle
  • Pattern 
  • Our Ravelry Notes

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Gillespie COMBO


so faded 1

So Faded

I’ve seen a lot of buzz about this pattern online, and since I find colour combining infinitely entertaining, I figured I’d give it a closer look! It’s super pretty, very simple, and available in an adult size or child’s version. Plus the yarn is light enough for knitting in the warmer weather – a great project to take to the cottage or on vacation! See Patterns HERE.

So Faded Combo 1.png

So Faded Combo 2.png

So Faded Combo 3

So Faded COMBO

PROJECTS in Progress: Gillespie


Spring Knitting ADD: Part 1

I am in the throws of full Spring knitting ADD. Several projects are on the needles, and more are in the planning stages. If you also suffer from Spring Knitting ADD don’t blame yourself, it’s the rollercoaster weather. On warmer days I’ve been working on GILLESPIE, a light,  warm weather sweater made with Quince & Co Sparrow. Becuase it is linen I’m making a smaller size than I normally would, and I don’t think I’ll need more than 6 skeins. I’ve also made some pattern modifications to make it fit me and the store mannequin better (we both have small shoulders), which I always add to my project notes in Ravelry.

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My work on this sweater has been a bit congested lately, but I’ve found that I like knitting with this fine linen best while lying down on my sofa – I don’t know why, but I’m best able to get into the flow in this position. Sitting positions, no matter how slouchy, don’t seem to do it for me with this yarn. I think it’s because my body (head, neck, back, shoulders, arms) is fully supported. The pattern is straight knitting and there isn’t much to look at, so it’s ideal for catching up on some trashy TV.


Gillespie Progress Combo

Photos: Quince & Co, Knit-O-Matic



Gillespie 1


Oh, hello summer sweater of my dreams, nice to finally meet you! Seriously, Gillespie is the pattern I’ve been waiting for from Quince & Co.  It’s a simple top-down knit in the round – I love uncomplicated. The neckline looks quite wide and after making


The neckline looks quite wide and the model in the picture seems to have sizeable shoulders.  After recently finishing a similarly shaped linen sweater, Daicey,  I’d suggest that if your shoulders are on the smaller side (like mine) you might consider omitting some stitches in the neck and back area. Always check the measurements in the pattern schematic to get a good idea about fit.


  • Finished Bust: 34¼ (37¾, 41¼, 44¾, 48¼, 52, 55½, 59)” or [87 (96, 105, 113.5, 122.5, 132, 141, 150) cm] bust circumference;
  • Shown in size 37¾” [93.5 cm] with 3¾” [9.5 cm] positive ease


  • Quince & Co Sparrow: 6 (6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10) skeins
  • 3.25mm/US3 – 16″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 24″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 32″ circular needles
  • 3.5mm/US4 double pointed needles
  • stitch markers
  • scrap yarn
  • tapestry/daring needle
  • Pattern 

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Gillespie COMBO