PROJECTS Hand Towels & Cloths (Freebies)

All of our Summer yarns are on sale now! Take advantage of all the cottons & linens while the weather is warm!

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Photo: Purl Soho

Colorfield Hand Towels (Knit)

I came across these sunny hand towels a few times and felt like they were full of YUP! They’re a good size, 22″ wide x 37″ long, but of course you are welcome to up or downscale them – they’re just rectangles, after all. They’re made with a simple linen stitch that creates a woven look on one side and a nubbly texture on the other. And the pattern’s free – sweet!

The Yarn

Cascade Ultra Pima is a silky soft, light cotton. It’s easy to work with on both knitting needles or crochet hook. I often recommend it for baby blankets or afghans because it’s so soft and machine washable, and it doesn’t have the hardness or lack of give that’s common in so many cotton yarns.

I was so eager to share this project with you that I rephotographed the Cascade Ultra Pima (it was time). All the new images have been colour corrected, so they’re as close to the original as was possible … not an easy task with cotton, the light reflected off the surface makes it really tricky! Any old photos left are colours that were out of stock and couldn’t be photographed.

Photo: Purl Soho


  • Cascade Ultra Pima: 4 skeins in main colour, 1 skein in contrast colour (makes 2 hand towels, recommend 3718 Cream for main colour and 3764 Sunshine for contrast colour)
  • 4.5mm/US7 – 32″ circular needles
  • FREE Pattern

Colour Suggestions

The following colours of Cascade Ultra Pima are all smashing combined with colour 3718 Cream:

  • 3755 Tomato
  • 3764 Sunshine
  • 3833 Antique Moss
  • 3845 Robin’s Egg Blue
  • 3772 Cornflower
  • 3759 Taupe

Alternate Yarns

Berroco Remix Light is also a great option! Because of it’s generous yardage You’ll need half as much yarn: 2 skeins of the main colour and 1 of the contrast will make two hand towels)

Photo: Purl Soho

Farmhouse Towels (Knit)

Make some towels that are so beautiful you’ll never want to use them! That’s ok, some things you use until they’re shredded, and some you keep out to please the eye. Both have their roles in our lives. The pattern is a FREEBIE, and makes for some simple, elegant summer knitting.

Quince & Co Sparrow is my favourite yarn for this project, I love how this linen looks, the silky feels after being washed, and also how resilient it is (it gets better going through the wash) . My second personal choice would be

Berroco Remix Light is the budget friendly, earth friendly, use-friendly option – it has so much yardage, two skeins of the main colour will make 3 towels, and 3 skeins will make 5. Plus it’s recycled, has a neat texture, is easy to knit with and wash.

Cascade Ultra Pima is the last on the list, but not the least. This silky smooth pima cotton is a staple, and is always a joy to knit with and wear. If you like a plain, flat aesthetic, this is your yarn of choice.



Alternate Yarn Options

For the following yarn options you’ll probably want to go up to a 4mm/US6 needle.

  • Cascade Ultra Pima: MC: 2 skeins, CC: 1 skein. (3 skeins of MC will make 2 towels)
  • Berroco Remix Light: MC 1 skein, CC: 1 skein. (2 skeins of the MC make 3 towels, 3 skeins of the MC will make 5 towels)
Mother’s Day Washcloths by Purl Soho

Mother’s Day Washcloths (Crochet)

Please don’t leave the crocheters out! Crochet has got to be a super fast, easy way to make cloths.

Yarn Options

Cascade Ultra Pima: MC: 2 skeins, CC: 1 skein.
Berroco Remix Light: MC 1 skein, CC: 1 skein.


Photos: © Purl Soho

Colorful Half + Half Washcloths


  • Approximately 12 inches wide x 11½ inches long
  • Each cloth requires approx 202m of yarn sport/dk weight yarn

Yarn Options

Each cloth requires approximately 200m of yarn sport/dk weight yarn


Photo: © Purl Soho

New Log Cabin Washcloths


  • Approximately 8 inches x 8 inches

Yarn Options


© Purl Soho

Tiny House Washcloths


  • Approximately 6 inches wide x 9½ inches long, at widest and longest points

Yarn Options

  • Quince & Co Sparrow: 1 skein per colour, 1 skein of main colour makes 2 cloths ON SALE TO SEPT 6


© Purl Soho

Simple Stripe Washcloth

Note: the pattern seems to have neglected to explain how to make an I-Cord (the loop at the tops of the cloth), so here is an I-cord tutorial for those of you who are not familiar with the technique. Alternately, you can skip the I-cord, make your cloth loop-free and just weave in your ends – there’s no rule that says a cloth must have a loop.


  • Approximately 10 x 10 inches

Yarn Options

Main Colour: 100m required per washcloth. Contrast Colour: 24m required per washcloth.


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