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PROJECT Beach Wrap in Vivo

Beach Wrap in Vivo

Erica just finished a new iteration of our Beach Wrap, it’s always a great project to use for experimenting with yarns and colours. Last year we tried combining two colours of the same yarn and it turned out really beautifully (you can see that project HERE), so we tired it again and it worked … again! I held two strands of complementary colourways of Berroco Vivo together, and just let them do their thing. You can also try holding two strands of the same colour but starting at different parts of the colourway.

The Project

The Beach Wrap has been a super popular project since its debut, and it makes a great canvas to paint on. It was created with accessibility in mind – I wanted it to be simple to knit, and incredibly wearable. The simple welted texture is random, completely reversible, and creates a classic, timeless look. The pattern is knitted on the bias, increasing in width as you go, so you can make it any size you like and you never have to worry about running out of yarn. To keep the texture looking random the pattern repeat is a log one, so I wrote the pattern with a line-by-line chart to help you keep track of your rows (a beneficial thing for everyone, but especially helpful for people with learning disabilities, brain fog, mommy brain, long COVID brain, messy brain, hectic brain, etc). And the final bonus – it’s a relatively fast knit on 5.5mm/US10 needles (think quick gift)!

If you prefer a rectangular wrap experience and a shape that you can have more control over, you can also try out this yarn combo in our Cottage Wrap.


  • On this version we did five full pattern repeats. Our goal was to work until we ran out of yarn, which we did.
  • When you choose your yarn, try to choose skeins that start at or around the same point in the colourway – this can help keep your colour distribution more consistent throughout the shawl. This isn’t crucial, just helpful.
  • When you start your project note whether you are taking the yarn from the inside or the outside of the skein, so you can do the same with the second ball.


The Beach Wrap is a big, cozy shawl, but if you want yours huge, like a gigantic hug or a massive towel, then you should get an extra ball of yarn in each colour.

  • 100”/250cm long (from tip to tip)
  • 22”/55cm deep (at longest point)


Pairing blue with a blue is an easy task, it’s like the Canadian Tuxedo of colour combinations. To take some of the uncertainty out of deciding which other colourways compliment each other I lined them up in the natural light and gave them a very strong eye-balling …. the colour combinations above are all Haley approved.


FINISHED Sophie Shawl in Vivo

Sophie Shawl

Sophie is a simple shawl that’s knit horizontally, from tip-to-tip. It’s a quick, easy knit thats great for little projects …. perfect for travelling or patio season. It calls for a worsted eight yarn, but we tried it out with Berroco Vivo, a textured, DK weight, 100% cotton, just to play around and see what would happen. What happened was a really pretty, light little spring/summer wrap!


We made a size medium and I feel like it turned out as more of a scarf than a wrap (I had an uncertain amount of yarn on hand and I wasn’t sure how far it would go). We only used 1.22 balls (or 330m) of Berroco Vivo, and I feel like it turned out a bit small as far as wraps go, so if I made another I’d go up to the largest size. If you are using Berroco Vivo you will likely not use as much yarn as is recommended in the pattern, it seems to have gone further than expected.

  • Our Finished Sample: Size Medium – 11″ (27.5cm) deep, 80″ (200cm) long
  • Pattern Size: S (M) L
  • Pattern Length from tip to tip: approx. 170 (210) 240 cm or 67 (82¾) 94½ inches

Easily Change the Size

Because the pattern is knit from side-to side, its really easy to just knit until you’ve used up half of your yarn, then start the decreases. Just be sure to weigh your yarn before you start, so you know how much is you half-way mark (I use an inexpensive digital kitchen scale from Amazon). If you want you can also make your shawl larger than the largest size, you just need to start your decreases later.


  • Berroco Vivo: 1 to 2(2, 2 to 3)
  • 4.5mm/US7 needles (straight or circular)
  • Tapestry or Darning needle
  • Pattern

Spring & Summer Yarn Alternatives

Fall & Winter Yarn Alternatives

Just in case you happen to be vacationing in the southern hemisphere any time soon … if you want to make a fall/winter version or something with some fuzzy, my favourite options are

FREEBIE Tybee Baby Cardie


Tybee is a simple, new free baby cardie pattern knit with using Berroco Vivo, a multi-colored, self-striping 100% cotton. Vivo is perfect for baby & kid knits, as it’s super soft, light, machine washable, and ever so pretty! the 100% cotton is breathable and prefect for transitional weather.


The body is worked in one piece from the bottom-up to the underarms, then divided
for back and fronts. The sleeves are worked in the round to underarms, then joined to body so that yoke is worked in one piece.

Simpler Pattern Options

If you like the idea of a baby sweater in this yarn but you want something simpler, try one of the following:


  • (3, 6, 9) [12, 18, 24} mos
  • Chest (closed):  (20, 21, 22) [23, 24, 25}” / (51, 53.5, 56) [58.5, 61, 63.5] cm
  • Length:  (10½, 11, 11¼) [12¼, 13, 14]” / (26.5, 28, 28.5) [31, 33, 35.5] cm
  • Shown in size 3 mos.


NEW Berroco Vivo

I’m easing into spring a little early this year because … why not??!!! It’s been grey and dreary since November and I think we all deserve the joy and hope that comes with light, bright colours. I love wool, and I respect winter as a season and as a concept, but I also need something to look forward to, and our knitting & crochet is one area where we can do some pre-emptive spring & summering.

Berroco Vivo Cotton

Berroco Vivo is a super soft, light, 100% cotton yarn that’s dyed in a flow of transitioning colour. It’s machine washable, making it great for all kinds of projects from babies (perfect for a French Macaroon or Ezra baby cardie) to blankets (4 balls make a Super Easy Garter Baby Blanket), and everything in between … you can even make DK-weight socks or Yoga Socks with it!

Vivohas great colour and texture, making it perfect for simple pieces that aren’t heavy on skill or attention. It also has great yardage – one ball is 100g/290m, making it go a lot further than regular cottons (2 balls are enough for a Ranunculus (smaller sizes), Boneyard Shawl, Groovy DK, three for an Elementary Wrap).

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100g/290m (317 yds)
  • DK (double knitting) weight
  • 4mm/US6 needles or 4mm/G hook
  • knitting gauge:  22 sts & 30 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • crochet gauge: 20 sc & 25 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry.
  • Made in Italy
  • Finished Projects Made With This Yarn



Berroco Vivo is great for both Crochet and Knit projects:

I found this granny square cardie project on Ravelry … I love the watercolour quality of the colourways in this yarn!


Sapphire was my favourite new pattern in Berroco Vivo last year. It’s such a sweet and wearable little top that looks good on all types of bodies. It looks sweet over a summer dress, or you can wear it with pants, a skirt – it goes with everything. To make the arms longer pick-up the sleeves and knit down in pattern stitch to your desired length.



Sapphire is a classic dolman sleeve V-neck cardigan in an all-over textured stitch. Back, Right Front, and Left Front are each worked separately, with increases forming the dolman sleeves. Pieces are sewn together, then sleeve cuffs and button band are picked up and knit.


Note:  Since this garment has a dolman sleeve, the bust measurement is very forgiving.  Go by the waist measurement when selecting your size.

  • Waist: (32½, 36, 40½, 44½) [48½, 52½, 56½, 60½] {64½, 68½, 72½, 76½}” / (82.5, 91.5, 103, 113) [123, 133.5, 143.5, 153.5] {164, 174, 184, 194.5} cm
  • Length: (17½, 18, 18¾, 19¼) [20, 20¾, 21¼, 22] {22¾, 23¼, 24, 24½}” / (44.5, 45.5, 47.5, 49) [51, 52.5, 54, 56] {58, 59, 61, 62} cm
  • Shown in size 36″ / 91.5 cm. Recommended ease:  Approximately 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.

The Yarn

Berroco Vivo is a bright and cheerful cotton yarn that features a delightful color flow. Tropical colors in a cottony soft fiber make it perfect for summer tops and accessories. Plus, it’s machine washable, making a great choice for summer tops!

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100g/290m (317 yds)
  • DK weight
  • 4mm/US6 needles 
  • 4mm/G hook
  • Knitting gauge: 5.5 sts = 1″ or 22 sts & 30 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Crochet gauge: 5 sc = 1″ or 20 sc & 25 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Made in Italy
  • Machine wash delicate, lay flat to dry


  • 22 sts and 32 rows = 4″ / 10 cm in Moss stitch, on larger needle

Kit Includes

Kit DOES NOT Include


Cleome is knit flat and uses intarsia colourwork with a contrasting colourway to make a cool graphic. If you’ve never done intarsia before this might be a simple introduction – the graphic is a simple one, and the yarn is textured, hiding a multitude of sins! Plus, the pattern is FREE, so you can check it out before you commit to the project.



  • Bust: (36, 40, 44) [48, 52, 56] {60, 64, 68}” / (91.5, 101.5, 112) [122, 132, 142] {152.5, 162.5, 172.5} cm
  • Length: (22, 22½, 22½) [23, 23, 23½] {23½, 24, 24½}” / (56, 57, 57) [58.5, 58.5, 59,5] {59.5, 61, 62} cm
  • Shown in size 40″ / 101.5 cm.
  • Recommended ease: Approximately 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.


  • Berroco Vivo: (2, 3, 3) [3, 3, 3] {3, 4, 4} balls 3516 Meadow (MC), and (1, 1, 1) [1, 1, 2] {2, 2, 2} balls 3533 Rain (CC)
  • 4mm/US6 needles (straight or circular)
  • 3.5mm/US4 needles (straight or circular)
  • 3.5mm/US4 – 16″ circular needles
  • 1 stitch marker
  • 2 stitch holders
  • FREE Pattern

Photo: knittinmichelle


First things first, check our Carol’s Piilu – it looks AMAZING on her!!! If you’ve never done entrelac it takes a little patience, but it’s worth the effort! This pattern is also a FREEBIE, so you can read it over before diving in.



  • Bust: (37, 41, 45) [49, 53, 57] {61, 65, 69}” / 94, 104, 114.5) [124.5, 134.5, 145] {155, 165, 175.5} cm
  • Length: (23, 23, 23) [23, 23, 24] {24, 24, 24}” / (58.5, 58.5, 58.5) [58.5, 58.5, 61] {61, 61, 61} cm
  • Shown in size 41″ / 104 cm.
  • Recommended ease: Approximately 2–4″ / 5–10 cm positive ease.


  • Berroco Vivo: (5, 6, 6) [7, 7, 8] {8, 9, 10} balls #3514 Dewdrop
  • 4mm/US6 needles (straight or circular)
  • 3.5mm/US4 needles (straight or circular)
  • FREE Pattern

Photo: SingingSheep


Ametrine is an oversized CROCHET pullover with deep armholes for a loose, oversized look. This top is made to be worn over outfits and even great for a bathing suit coverup. It’s designed with a simple shell stitch pattern, making it accessible for less experienced crocheters.

Ametrine is made with four identical “quadrants“, each worked from the cuff to the center of the body, for back and front. Pieces are seamed at the centerline of each, the back and front, the top of the sleeves/shoulders, and the bottom of the sleeves, leaving openings at neck and bottom edge. Stitch pattern is both charted and written out.


  • Lower Opening Circumference (40, 44, 48) 52, 56, 60 {64, 68, 72}“ / (101.5, 112, 122) 132, 142, 152.5 {162.5, 172.5, 183} cm
  • Length: 21” / 53.5 cm
  • Shown in size 44” / 112 cm. Recommended ease: 6–12” / 15–30 cm positive ease.