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NEW Kits & Accessories from Kelbourne

We just received a new order form Kelbourne Woolens and in addition to carrying their beautiful Mojave cotton/linen blend for spring and summer (it deserves it’s own post) we got some really cool accessories and kits too!

Year of Gifts Preorder

Better late than never … last year Kelbourne Woolens had their Year of Hats, and this year they have come out with a super cute series of monthly kits for gift projects you can either keep or give away (see January & February below)! Each kit comes with yarn, a pattern, it’s own cotton project bag (or gift bag), notions, and some other fun stuff. Each month will be a completely different project by a different designer and with a different yarn. Needles are not included. The patterns are all available for $5 and downloaded on Ravelry. Each month’s kit is an absolute surprise, we won’t know what it is until the first of each month.

Preorder your kits and we’ll ship it to you as soon as it arrives, or you can pick it up in store. If you want to send one as a gift to a friend we can do that too!

Year of Gift Kit: February Primrose Mittens

The Primrose Mittens are worked in the round from the cuff to top of hand. The cuff is worked in a broken ribbing, and the hand is worked from a chart. The thumb is worked using the afterthought (peasant) method.


• 1 skein of Scout in Mint Heather
• Stitch marker set
• Darning needle
• KW tape measure
• You Better Swatch sticker
• Postcard with code to download the pattern for free
• Screen-printed project bag

Download the pattern HERE.

Year of Gift Kit: January Snowdrop Hat

The Snowdrop Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn begins with a provisional cast on, then a folded brim is worked in a K2, P2 Ribbing. Once the ribbing is complete, the provisional cast on is unpicked and placed on a spare circular needle and the stitches are joined to created a folded brim.

After the brim is complete, the body of the hat is worked in a graphic stranded colorwork pattern from a chart. The chart is worked 5 times around. Decreases shape the crown, and a pom pom and a cute custom KW tag completes the look.

• 1 skein of Andorra in Snow White
• 1 skein of Andorra in Ink Black
• 1 custom KW leather tag
• 2 Perennial butterflies in Natural and Black
• KW Year of Gifts sticker
• Postcard with code to download the pattern for free
• Screenprinted project bag

Download the pattern HERE.

Kelbourne Let’s Get Kracken Tote bag

Because let’s face it, we always need a bigger bag; so Kelbourne Woolens brought back their popular craftin’ Kraken on an extra-large tote [19″ (48.25 cm) width x 16″ (40.5 cm) height x 4″ (10 cm) gusset]. These bags are made in USA with 15 oz. black canvas, hand screen-printed design in sparkly gold ink 28″ (71 cm) with black woven handles. You may not have enough arms to carry all your stuff, but this guy does and he’s happy to help!

Frost Flowers: Designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn, this project bag features a hand-drawn repeat of the iconic Frost Flowers lace pattern on the front, and the full Kelbourne Woolens logo on the back. The intricate details pair beautifully with the practical form and function of the bag.
Use Your Hands: Designed by Courtney Kelley, this project bag features the American Sign Language spelling of the words “Knit” and “Crochet.”

Kelbourne Project Bags

These cute & useful project bags are great for stashing and carting around your projects! They’re a great middle size, big enough for a sweater or baby blanket: [12.25″ (31.25 cm) width x 9.25″ (23.5 cm) height x 3.25″ (8.25 cm) gusset]. Made in the USA with 15 oz. black canvas, they feature a black zipper closure with sewn-in woven cotton strap and with a hand screen-printed design.

Kelbourne Needle Check Keychain

The Kelbourne Needle Check keychain is a handy took you can take on the go! It measures 2″ square and sizes needles ranging from US size 0 (2 mm) to Us 13 9 mm. It’s made in the USA out of 1/8″ birch wood and is easily attached to your keys, project bag, or circular needle with a small carabiner. 

Spring Storage + Cute Bags, Gleeners

It’s Time to Store Your Woollens!

Yup, it’s May, and you can officially put all your woollens away for the season!!! I’ve written a lot about this in the past, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m just going to gently nudge you to read our CARE AND MAINTENANCE INFO. A quick summary of the salient points:

SWET Bags from Gleener

Last week at the Knitter’s Frolic (a local show hosted by the Toronto Knitting Guild) we sold out of all of our adorable project bags from Gleener, and they have graciously and quickly restocked them!

Gleener Swet Bags make perfect project bags, but they’re so much more. They’re designed to keep odours, wetness and messed contained. The zipper and lining are both waterproof, so they also make a great travel companion to the gym, swimming or beyond. Keep your projects safe, clean and dry anywhere you go! They come in two sizes, the medium is great for regular projects, and the larger is perfect for large sweaters and blankets (I also use it for my swimming gear, as do my niece and nephew).

  • Medium: 10.5″ x 14″
  • Large: 16″ x 21″ (fits a large sweater or a blanket project)
  • Machine wash in cold water, flip it inside out and hang it up to line dry overnight.

Gleener (Full Size)

While you are cleaning your knits, you might as well de-pill them and get them ready for the fall with a Gleener® Ultimate Fuzz Remover™. This award winning fabric de-piller and lint brush combo safely removes fuzz balls, lint and pet hair from even the finest of fabrics. Yes, it really works, I have one at the ready in my closet. Plus, it’s a Canadian company! READ MORE HERE!

Gleener (Travel Size)

Gleeners are also available in a compact travel size, which is super handy if your carry-on luggage is frequently in use (Gleeners work on all fabrics, not just knitwear, so it;s great for cleaning up suits & such).

NEW DellaQ Yarn Caddies & Bowls

DellaQ’s Yarn Caddies and Bowls are a lot like their brilliant needle cases – beautiful, well made, and extremely useful. They’re specially designed to hold and care for your needlework. They’re also ethically made in Vietnam under Della’s own watchful eye, which goes a long way to ensure the high quality of the product. As you can see, we really believe in these products!

dellaq cleo yarn caddy 114park.jpg

DellaQ Cleo Yarn Caddy (Medium Bag)

DellaQ’s Cleo Yarn Caddy is a great way to stash and transport your small and medium-sized knitting and crochet projects. Cleo stands on her own with pockets, pockets, pockets – four on the outside and two on the inside. She won’t let you down and fall over. The Cleo Yarn Caddy is perfect for medium size projects or a bunch of small ones. The inside includes a zip pocket and an open pocket for smaller tools.

  • Width: 8 inches
  • Height: 12.5 inches
  • Machine wash delicate, air dry

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DellaQ Tess Yarn Caddy (Large Bag)

DellaQ’s Tess Yarn Caddy is all the knitting bag you’ll ever need! It’s a large bag designed to hold and carry your projects, and it’s big enough for a sweater or blanket project. Tess stands on her own with pockets, pockets, pockets – four on the outside and two on the inside. Plus Tess stands up, and won’t let you down and fall over. The inside includes a zip pocket and an open pocket for smaller tools.

  • Width: 12″
  • Height: 14″
  • Machine wash delicate, air dry

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dellaq yarn bowl salina small blair 2.png

NEW DellaQ Soft Yarn Bowls

Finally, a yarn bowl that can travel with you and won’t break! DellaQ’s fabric bowls are stiff enough to hold your work, yet soft enough to collapse for storage when not in use.  The top band unfolds to increase the bowl size.  Accented with detailed stitching.

  • Folded: 6″ h x 6″ w
  • Unfolded: 8.5″ h x 6″ w

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