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Quince & Co Sparrow Marls Combo

Quince & Co. Sparrow: Marls

Quince & Co. has come out with 5 new colours in their gorgeous linen, Sparow. The colours are all marled, which means they are a blend of two colours twisted together. Marls have a depth of colour and surface interest missing in most solid colours. These marls are especially beautiful, subtle colour combinations perfect for spring and summer.

Sparrow is a plain little yarn, beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing and wearing it becomes handkerchief-soft and drapey. It’s spun in Italy from organic linen grown in Belgium. Knit Sparrow on a variety of needle sizes—try needles from size 2.75 to 4mm (US 2 to 6) —depending on the drape and feel you want in your project. The yarn is a natural in lace patterns, carving out the yarn overs, but it’s fluid, too, in simple stockinette. It’s great in tanks, shawls, and breezy cardigans, and lovely as can be in bags, wash cloths, and other home accessories.

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