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I was thinking wouldn’t it be great to have a small project that’s for the long weekend? Something small, portable, not too challenging. I settled on cloths: face cloths, dish cloths, etc. I know I cherish the little linen cloths I’ve made with Quince & Co Sparrow (they’re like the energizer bunny of textiles, they just keep going …) and I figured you might feel inspired to make something pretty for yourself. There are lots of patterns on Ravely for cloths, but here are a few I found that sparked some joy, and my absolute favourites follow below:

Long Weekend Projects: Pretty Cloths

Photos: © Purl Soho

Colorful Half + Half Washcloths


  • Approximately 12 inches wide x 11½ inches long
  • Each cloth requires approx 202m of yarn sport/dk weight yarn

Yarn Options

Each cloth requires approximately 200m of yarn sport/dk weight yarn


Photo: © Purl Soho

New Log Cabin Washcloths


  • Approximately 8 inches x 8 inches

Yarn Options


© Purl Soho

Tiny House Washcloths


  • Approximately 6 inches wide x 9½ inches long, at widest and longest points

Yarn Options

  • Quince & Co Sparrow: 1 skein per colour, 1 skein of main colour makes 2 cloths ON SALE TO SEPT 6


© Purl Soho

Simple Stripe Washcloth

Note: the pattern seems to have neglected to explain how to make an I-Cord (the loop at the tops of the cloth), so here is an I-cord tutorial for those of you who are not familiar with the technique. Alternately, you can skip the I-cord, make your cloth loop free and just weave in your ends – there’s no rule that says a cloth must to have a loop.


  • Approximately 10 x 10 inches

Yarn Options

Main Colour: 100m required per washcloth. Contrast Colour: 24m required per washcloth.


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