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NEW PATTERN Handspun Art Yarn Cowl

Handspun Art Yarn Cowl

The first thing people say when they see Studioloo Handspun Art Yarn is “What do you make with it?” The quantities are generous and the yarn generally does all the work, but there is still room to play around. I like the idea of using an art yarn as a launch-pad and expanding on the aesthetic with a different texture, colour, or both. This is also a great way to make the most of handspun yarn if you only have a small amount, or you definitely don’t have enough for a full scarf or cowl.

With this pattern I’ve started with a skein of Studioloo Handspun Art Yarn, knitted it in a simple garter stitch, which really makes the different colours and textures in the yarn pop. Then I finished the project with a contrasting commercial yarn (Cascade Spuntaneous) with a slightly different tension and stitch pattern (K2P2 rib). I decided to keep the colour between the two yarns consistent (beige) for the sake of simplicity, but I normally like a little contrast (I was thinking or cream or even navy blue as alternate choices). Both yarns are a single ply, but the Cascade Spuntaneous is thicker and loftier, and knits on larger needles.

Skill Level: Beginner

Size: 33” long x 6” wide (lying flat)


NEW Studioloo Limited Edition Sets

Studioloo Limited Edition Goosebumps Sets aren’t just yarn, they’re an EXPERIENCE! Whimsical and joyful, these kits take their inspiration from the children’s literary series Goosebumps. Each kit comes with one skein of hand-dyed sock yarn, hand-made project bag in a coordinating colour, and a classic Goosebumps book. These kits make quirky, original gifts for knitters & crocheters. All Studioloo yarns are available in-store and are final sale. WARNING: Reading silly books with children may lead to bonding and joy. 

 Each Kit Contains:

  • A Classic Goosebumps book (new or gently used)
  • Hand-dyed Studioloo ‘Tiptoe’ fingering weight yarn (80% superfine merino/ 20% nylon, 115g/402 yds)
  • Hand-sewn project bag in coordinating colours



The following yarn colours come with the corresponding Goosebumps titles listed below:

  • 01: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes #34
  • 02: How to Kill a Monster #44
  • 03: Say Cheese and Die!
  • 04: The Beast From the East
  • 05: Why I’m Afraid of Bees #17
  • 06: The Horror at Camp Jelleyjam # 33
  • 07: Why I’m Afraid of Bees #17
  • 08: Say Cheese and Die – Again! #44
  • 09: Say Cheese and Die – Again! #44
  • 10: The Haunted Mask II #36
  • 11: Monster Blood
  • 12: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp #14
  • 13: The Haunted Mask II #36
  • 14: The Blob That Ate Everyone
  • 15: Piano Lessons Can Be Murder #13
  • 16: Welcome to Dead House
  • 17: Go Eat Worms! #21
  • 18: Ten Spooky Stories – Special Edition #5
  • 19: The Haunted Mask #11
  • 20: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam #33
  • 21: Phantom of the Auditorium #24
  • 22: Say Cheese and Die! #4
  • 23: Monster Blood II #18
  • 24: Monster Blood III #29
  • 25: Monster Blood II #18


Lopi Trunk Show

We just got a trunk show from Lopi in the store! Ever wondered what a Lopi sweater looks and feels like? Well, you can check it out and decide if you’re a Lopi person or not.

What: Real live samples of 12 garments (see below) from Lopi book no. 36. You can look, touch, and try them on.

When: Now until October 14th

Where: Knit-O-Matic, 1382 Bathurst St, Toronto On, during STORE HOURS

Who: Istex Lopi Yarns is located in Iceland and has been manufacturing hand knitting yarns since 1896. Best known for their Álafosslopi yarn the company makes all their products from 100% Icelandic wool. Lopi purchases their wool directly from Iceland farmers then spins, dyes and processes it into yarns all at their own manufacturing plant. Read more about Lopi/Icelandic wool HERE and a yarn review from Knitter’s Review HERE.

Note: we are not presently carrying Lopi yarns (they’re a bit in the itch side), but it’s fun to explore new things, so when the offer for a trunk show came up I said yes. All of the patterns are downloadable on Ravelry and we can help you chose a substitute yarn, or if you want to use Lopi we can look into special ordering it for you.

FYI Knitting Retreat

These two retreats are run by one of my great clients, Sandra, and based on her DELICIOUS descriptions I thought some of you might be interested. She lives in Verona for part of the year and organizes the events with the knowledge of a resident and the sensibility of a North American fibre artist and crafter. BTW, Sandra is a bit of a gourmand, so I have no doubt that the food is AMAZING, and from what I hear the accommodations sound lovely.

You can find all the info on her website.

FINISHED Infinitude ‘Scarf’ Cowl

Infinitude ‘Scarf’ Cowl

I really love how this project came out! It’s soft, airy, light, cozy, and with the pattern being free and the yarn only costing $20, it’s a pretty cost effective knit too! If you’re starting to think about holiday gift to knit, this is a great go-to project.

The pattern is called a scarf, but I don’t know why because it’s actually a cowl. We made the smaller size and in the yarn we used (Drops Air) it can be worn either once or twice around the neck. I also found that the “twice around” brings the ‘full goldilocks’ – it isn’t too big or too small, it’s just right (in my mind, that means it doesn’t gape, letting cold air in). If your finished project looks small just wet-block it, mine stretched from 20″ x 10″ to 24″ x 9″.

The Pattern

The pattern, Infinitude Scarf, is a simple little thing that combines knits and purls in the easiest way. The skills are pretty simple: casting on, working in the round, using a knit & purl stitch in the same row, and binding off. We made the smaller size, but had extra yarn so just kept going in the welt pattern by adding an extra 3 pattern repeats (so we did “Knit 
rnds” a total of 6 times).

The Yarn

We used two skeins of Drops Air, a new yarn for us this year. It’s a super light and airy alpaca that knits easily and looks great! It’s a ‘blown’ yarn, which means it consists of a loosely knit chain core made of polyamide and then the Alpaca is literally blown into and through this core, coating it in a delightful halo of the softest alpaca. The result is an extra depth of colour because you can see a bit of the core through the translucent outer layer. Drops Air comes in both heathered and solid colours, but I think the heathers are extra pretty, with that extra dimension of colour added. Did I mention that it’s also super soft? Yeah, it’s crazy soft, it totally passes the neck test. Drops Air comes in a bunch of colours, made in Peru and the European Union, and it only costs $9.97 a skein.


The Final Assessment

This project was a WIN. Pattern: Good. Yarn: Goooood. Finished Product: Great!

P.S. the SWEATER in the pictures is Paprika, make with Drops Brushed Alpaca and Silk, and the details are HERE.

Space left in our ‘Fixing Your Mistakes’ Class

There are still a few spaces left the afternoon session of our “Fixing Your Mistakes Class” this Saturday Sept 21, from 2:30 to 5:30!

Fixing Your Mistakes

A KnitHow Class with Lynne Sosnowski 

There’s nothing under earth and sky that will keep us from making mistakes, it’s just
part of human nature. But when it comes to knitting, there are lots of things we can do to prevent mistakes in the first place and then other tricks we can use to keep small mistakes from becoming big disasters.

This KnitHow class starts with learning how to read your knit fabric – we first brush up on how stitches should look and line up so we can prevent a mistake as we’re knitting. We then look at pattern reading and understanding, so we can know what we’re meant to do before we do it. We have lots of strategies to explore to help us stay on pattern. We will practice counting stitches and rows, and get a working understanding of gauge. Once we’ve done some actual knitting (small homework requirement), we will look at diagnosing our mistake, and we will talk about cosmetic versus structural remedies. Then we will work our way through fixes for the most common mistakes including: dropped stitch, slipped stitch, twisted stitch, accidental hole, split yarn, purl instead of knit and vice-versa. We will continue with “disaster management”, including learning how to unknit small amounts as well as when and how to rip out sections of a piece.

Skill Level: Any

Materials: see our website for details

Homework: see our website for details

Class Cancellation Policy

Class deposits are non-refundable. Knit-O-Matic requires at least 72 hours notice of your cancellation before the start of the class in order to transfer your class deposit over to another class. Students who cancel less than 72 hours before the start of class or do not show up for the class will forfeit their class deposit.