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FREEBIE Campout Mitts

camp out mitts

Photo: mdcim 

Campout Mitts

I made a pair of these mitts a number of years ago and was super happy with them – they were fast, simple, didn’t use a ton of yarn, and looked great. They worked out so well, in fact, that the mitts seem to have (ahem) acquired a new home. The FREE pattern was originally designed for glorious, colourful Noro Silk Garden, but I also love the way they look with a semi-solid hand dyed yarn like Malabrigo Rios or Manos del Uruguay Alegria Grande. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a soft tweed yarn like Studio Donegal Soft Donegal.

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FREEBIE & HACKS Noro Stripe Scarf

Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink 2.jpg

Noro Striped Scarf

I’m very pleased with myself, I just finished a Noro Striped Scarf, an unfinished project that languished throughout the summer. A Noro scarf is a simple & effective project when your knitting mojo is feeling a bit below base-line.

I used two skeins of Noro Kureopatora, but the pattern was originally designed and looks gorgeous made with Noro Silk Garden. You can use two different colourways, or use the same colour starting at different parts of the colourway.

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Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink.jpg

Noro Hacks

  • Noro Kureopatora and Silk Garden are both feltable, so you can join two strands with a “Spit Splice” … less ends to weave in!
  • Noro Silk Garden blooms beautifully when knitted at a looser tension. Try going up a needle size, avoid a dense tension, and you’ll receive a treat! There’s a side benefit too – your yarn will go farther!
  • Both Kureopatora and Silk Garden enjoy a bath at the end of your project, blocking them in Eucalan or Soak to soften them up and let them bloom!
  • Sometimes the colours in your two skeins might get to a point where they blend together a bit too much and your stripes look less defined. When this happens I cut one of the yarns and skip ahead in the colourway to the next point where the contrast returns.
  • It’s ok to edit your Noro palette. If you come to a colour that doesn’t work, you don’t like, or there’s just too much of it, feel free to cut it and skip ahead.

FREEBIE Stay-Up Legwarmers


Stay-Up Legwarmers

I just finished some fall legwarmers for myself. They started as an excuse to use an interesting colourway of Noro Kureopatora (colour 1004) but they feel like little hugs for my calves & ankles! The yarn, as ever, is lovely and fun to work with, plus it stretched waaaaayyyy further than I expected and I only needed ONE SKEIN to make the pair! Noro Kureopatora is a light, airy and warm single ply blend of merino wools (the more air a yarn holds the warmer it is). I used 12″ circular needles which made the knitting faster than double pointed needles. I’m going to wear my legwarmers right now, but they also make great holiday gifts!



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Noro Silk Garden DISPLAY BLOG

Noro Silk Garden COMBO BLOG

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden is a perennial favourite – it’s a self-striping, long colourway with subtle colour gradations that always keep you interested. The texture is also equally enchanting – it’s a single ply with a little bit of halo. I think colours 437 & 436 would make a gorgeous Noro Striped Scarf!

  • 45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Lambs Wool
  • 50g/100m (109yds)
  • Worsted Weight
  • 4.5mm needles
  • 18 sts + 24 rows = 4″/10cm
  • Single ply
  • Self-striping, long colourway
  • Made in Japan
  • Pattern Ideas


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Noro Silk Garden Ronbiais COMBO

Photos: Elisabeth Brassard



Noro Silk Garden Top Down Raglan COMBO

Photos: siruveru

Top-Down Raglan Cardigan


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Noro Silk Garden COMBO BLOG FB

FREEBIE & NEW Noro Kureopatora

Noro Kureopatora DISPLAY BLOG

kureopatora colours aug 2016

Noro Kureopatora

Noro Kureopatora is a one of Noro’s softest and most versatile yarns, and we’ve restocked it for fall! Made from a blend of different types of wool,  this single ply yarn looks great knit, crochet, or felted. One skein goes a long way -each carries a generous yardage of 270m/276 yards, and it blooms, so you can use a variety of needle sizes with it (two skeins are more than enough for a scarf). We made Lala’s Simple Shawl with 3 skeins and a Noro Striped Scarf with 2 skeins.

  • 100% Merino Blend Wool
  • 100g/270m (276 yds)
  • 4.5mm needles
  • 20 sts & 26 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Worsted Weight
  • Made in Japan
  • Pattern ideas


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noro kureopatora striped ranbow scarf COMBO 2

Noro Striped Scarf: colour 1009 & 1011


noro kureopatora striped ranbow scarf COMBO

Noro Striped Scarf: colour 1021

Noro Striped Scarf

The Noro Striped Scarf is a super easy and satisfying knit. Two skeins of Noro Kureopatora makes a substantial (ours measured 102″ long x 6″ wide), eye-catching scarf.


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Lala’s Simple Shawl

Noro Kureopatora’s exceptional yardage and springy single-ply texture makes for a great shawl!

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noro kureopatora striped ranbow scarf COMBO 3

Friday Freebie: Rye

Noro Silk Garden Solo Sock Combo BLOG


This is a store project in progress, but the good thing about socks is half way is enough to show off. We’ve been working on a quick pair of Rye sockies with Noro Silk Garden Solo (which is presently on SALE). They’re super comfy, cozy, and FAST! Great house socks or slipper socks. The yarn really softens up as you work with it.

The pattern calls for 3 skeins, but if you’re making a size Adult Small or larger you can get away with 2 if you omit a few rounds). I found one sock (Adult Small/fits women up to shoe size 9) used about 52g, which is a smidge over 1 skein. The sizing is generous. You can use any worsted weight yarn (Malabrigo Rios would be GORGEOUS), just check the yardage requirements in the pattern.




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New Store Project: Groovy in Noro SGSS

I just finished blocking our Groovy made with Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo.  The yarn is deceptively puffy, and we accidentally used the wrong needle size (3.5mm/US4) and it came out a bit too tight for my liking. You can go up a size or two, to 3.75mm or 4mm needles (US5 or 6) and it’ll worked great!  The pattern was simple, not at all complex, well written and easy to follow. You can make your wrap/scarf deeper without doing math. The yarn is pretty, slightly tweedy, a slightly textured single ply. I tried blocking with both Soak and Eucalan and preferrred the Eucalan for this yarn – it makes it soft and pouffs it up. The garment is very flexible, it can be worn as a scarf, wrap or shawl, a great accessory for any wardrobe!
You’ll Need:

SALE Noro Prism Kits

I wear this shawl all the time in the store, so much in fact that we had to make a second sample for the store.  People are constantly asking me what it is and how to make it. It’s a free pattern from Ravelry, and is really easy – the yarn does all the work. Our samples were made with two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock in two colourways: one main colour and one contrast colour (you can also use Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo for the contrast colour). The colours are carried up the side and alternated every other row – no cutting yarn, no weaving in endless ends.  Added bonus, it’s on sale until the end of May!
  • 3.75mm/US5-32″ (or longer) circular needles
  • stitch markers

New Store Project: Lala’s Simple Shawl

Fresh off the blocking mat, we just finished up this shawl and it is great! The pattern is FREE, Lala’s Simple Shawl. We made it extra big, and it is super cozy and a truly stunning wrap. I didn’t realize that when triangular shawls are made really, really big, they don’t really look very triangular when worn. 
We used the new Noro Kureopatora yarn and it was PERFECT! It’s a single ply, woollen spun yarn, which means it’s light, airy, and warm. It feels a bit coarse in the ball, but it softens up in your hands while knitting, and even more so after washing in Eucalan and blocking. It’s also got amazing yardage, we only needed 3 skeins to make this great big wrap! Oh, and the yarn is on SALE until the end of May!  If you want a Summer friendly version you can substitute 4 skeins of Noro Taiyo (also on sale).
The pattern (Lala’s Simple Shawl) is definitely beginner/novice friendly, so much so that I got a little bored and threw in a few modifications: 
  • Instead of increasing with a yarn over down the middle, we used a backwards loop cast on.
  • I got bored with the stitch pattern and threw in some variety: see stitch & crossed stitch  (see our Ravelry page for the nitty gritty). 


Store project: Kami hat

1+ skeins Noro Silk Garden Solo (1 for small head, 2 for big)

I love this yarn. Love love love. It’s tweedy, mottled, and textured, has a hint of sheen, and it softens and loosens up immensely after a wash! It’s idea for the floppiest of slouchy hats. For a larger head consider casting on with a German Long Tail Cast On. We used just over 1 skein of yarn, but could have easily gotten away wit one (my head is small). For a larger size you’ll need 2 skeins and to knit the hat a bit longer before crown decreases. For less flop and a tidge more shape try 4.5mm/US7 needles.