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NEW Urth Uneek Fingering

Urth Uneek Fingering skeins 2 BLOG

Urth Uneek Fingering

Urth Uneek Fingering is a GORGEOUS self-striping, machine washable merino yarn. It’s soft, beautiful, and stunning. One skein is enough for a pair of socks, mitts, hat, neckwarmer, or a scarflette. Two skeins are enough for a Shawl.

Urth Yarns is a family owned brand specializing in hand dyed natural yarns. Utilizing innovative dying techniques, in combination with the skilled hands of women, Urth Yarns stands for sustainability, “girl power”, and is dedicated to providing a “uneek” knitting experience.

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Photos: Urth Yarns



Urth Uneek Fingering does most of the work in this little wrap –  a great little spring project for your in-between moments.




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Noro Silk Garden Noro Striped Scarf.jpg

Noro Striped Scarf

Yup, I did it, I made ANOTHER Noro Striped Scarf. My creative juices have been syphoned off by other tasks lately, and I just needed a project that’s simple, brainless, but also tactile and lovely. Plus I has some Noro Silk Garden in my personal stash that really, really, really needed to get used.

I used a total of 6 skeins (3 of each colourway) and my scarf is VERY long, it wraps around three times. 4 skeins will make a normal length scarf. I haven’t bothered blocking the scarf, but Noro Silk Garden always enjoys a little bath in Eucalan.


As far as striping Noro goes, you’ve got a few options:

  1. Alternate the two colours of self-striping yarn. This is what the original pattern does.
  2. Alternate one colour of self-striping yarn by starting it at different parts of the colourway. When you do this you can guarantee that your colours will always match.
  3. Alternate a solid or semi-solid colour with a self-striping colour.

I went with option number 3, using a neutral colour that contrasts with the self-striping yarn. The neutral is Noro Silk Garden 269, so it is technically a self-striping yarn, but the colour shift is so subtle that it is barely noticeable used in this way. Cream is also a secret fix for when you can’t find the right contrast colour, it always makes the other colours ‘pop’.

By the way, you are absolutely allowed to edit the colourway. If there’s a colour in your ball that you absolutely loathe (or just modestly dislike) cut it out and move on. The same thing goes if the colours start to blend together and you lose the stripes, cut one colour and move on up to the next. Life is short, don’t be afraid to jettison recalcitrant colours!


If you’ve got little bits of Noro Silk Garden left-over and possess DPN (double pointed needles) skills, they make excellent little ornaments and decorations. I made a PILE of them last year, they use about 12g of Noro Silk Garden.


  • Noro Silk Garden: 2 to 3 skeins in each of two colours (a total of 4 to 6 skeins ), we used colour 269 (cream) and a contrasting colour colourway which has been discontinued, colour 381 is the closest to what we used.
  • 4.5mm/US 7 needles
  • tapestry needle
  • FREE Pattern


FREEBIE & HACKS Noro Stripe Scarf

Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink 2.jpg

Noro Striped Scarf

I’m very pleased with myself, I just finished a Noro Striped Scarf, an unfinished project that languished throughout the summer. A Noro scarf is a simple & effective project when your knitting mojo is feeling a bit below base-line.

I used two skeins of Noro Kureopatora, but the pattern was originally designed and looks gorgeous made with Noro Silk Garden. You can use two different colourways, or use the same colour starting at different parts of the colourway.

Yarn Options


Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink.jpg

Noro Hacks

  • Noro Kureopatora and Silk Garden are both feltable, so you can join two strands with a “Spit Splice” … less ends to weave in!
  • Noro Silk Garden blooms beautifully when knitted at a looser tension. Try going up a needle size, avoid a dense tension, and you’ll receive a treat! There’s a side benefit too – your yarn will go farther!
  • Both Kureopatora and Silk Garden enjoy a bath at the end of your project, blocking them in Eucalan or Soak to soften them up and let them bloom!
  • Sometimes the colours in your two skeins might get to a point where they blend together a bit too much and your stripes look less defined. When this happens I cut one of the yarns and skip ahead in the colourway to the next point where the contrast returns.
  • It’s ok to edit your Noro palette. If you come to a colour that doesn’t work, you don’t like, or there’s just too much of it, feel free to cut it and skip ahead.


Noro Silk Garden DISPLAY BLOG

Noro Silk Garden COMBO BLOG

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden is a perennial favourite – it’s a self-striping, long colourway with subtle colour gradations that always keep you interested. The texture is also equally enchanting – it’s a single ply with a little bit of halo. I think colours 437 & 436 would make a gorgeous Noro Striped Scarf!

  • 45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Lambs Wool
  • 50g/100m (109yds)
  • Worsted Weight
  • 4.5mm needles
  • 18 sts + 24 rows = 4″/10cm
  • Single ply
  • Self-striping, long colourway
  • Made in Japan
  • Pattern Ideas


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Noro Silk Garden Ronbiais COMBO

Photos: Elisabeth Brassard



Noro Silk Garden Top Down Raglan COMBO

Photos: siruveru

Top-Down Raglan Cardigan


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FREEBIE & NEW Noro Kureopatora

Noro Kureopatora DISPLAY BLOG

kureopatora colours aug 2016

Noro Kureopatora

Noro Kureopatora is a one of Noro’s softest and most versatile yarns, and we’ve restocked it for fall! Made from a blend of different types of wool,  this single ply yarn looks great knit, crochet, or felted. One skein goes a long way -each carries a generous yardage of 270m/276 yards, and it blooms, so you can use a variety of needle sizes with it (two skeins are more than enough for a scarf). We made Lala’s Simple Shawl with 3 skeins and a Noro Striped Scarf with 2 skeins.

  • 100% Merino Blend Wool
  • 100g/270m (276 yds)
  • 4.5mm needles
  • 20 sts & 26 rows = 4″ (10cm)
  • Worsted Weight
  • Made in Japan
  • Pattern ideas


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noro kureopatora striped ranbow scarf COMBO 2

Noro Striped Scarf: colour 1009 & 1011


noro kureopatora striped ranbow scarf COMBO

Noro Striped Scarf: colour 1021

Noro Striped Scarf

The Noro Striped Scarf is a super easy and satisfying knit. Two skeins of Noro Kureopatora makes a substantial (ours measured 102″ long x 6″ wide), eye-catching scarf.


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Lala’s Simple Shawl

Noro Kureopatora’s exceptional yardage and springy single-ply texture makes for a great shawl!

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NEW YARN ALERT: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print

Rialto DK Print is a fab new yarn from Debbie Bliss which we are sure you’ll love. It is made with soft, 100% Superwash Merino Wool – which means it’s great for everybody and everything, including kids, men, blankets, etc, even boot socks! It knits up in stripes that will wow everyone. Use Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in a contrasting colour for ribbing to make your stripes pop!
  • Available in 6 self-striping colourways
  • 50g/ 105m
  • 22 sts & 30 rows = 10cm/4″ on 4mm needles
  • Machine wash cool, lay flat to dry
  • $9.97 per ball


I know it’s hard to visualize how the yarn will knit up, so take a peek at the patterns from the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print Book drew up for this yarn HERE

Nutmeag made these Striped Baby Legwarmers (free pattern Legwarmies) with 1 ball of Rialto DK Print and 1 ball of contrasting yarn.  Or Try Hopscotch (another free pattern) for children’s sizes.

Make a Caramel cardie (free pattern) using Rialto DK Print alternated with a solid contrast colour of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK

I think it would make an amazing Chevron Baby Blanket (use 4mm needles and cast on 193sts for a blanket about 31″ wide) but keep in mind the striping will be much narrower. 

More modest striping options: use  Rialto DK Print alternated with a solid contrast colour of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK for pattern OhLaLa

New Noro Taiyo!

Many of the links posted here are from, a free website for knitters and crocheters. If you don’t have your own account you can use ours: login: knitomatic2, password: knitomatic. But you should get your own account fast, ’cause you’re going to LOVE it!

(100g-200m) $18.50
Ooo-oo, you are going to luuuuuv Noro Taiyo!  It`s everything you always wanted Noro Silk Garden to be. Instead of Mohair it has Cotton (40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool, 15% nylon), which makes it soft, light, and airy – perfect for any time, but especially Springy. And of course, the price is really nice – it has double the yardage of silk garden, but costs approximately $3 less per 50g.  The colours are also nice in bright, keeping up with current colour trends, and great for kids and babies! Suggested needle size is 4.5mm to 5mm, and the tension is 18 to 16 sts = 4 inches. There is only one thing to keep in mind with this  yarn – if your project is fitted, make it on the small size, since both cotton and silk tend to stretch. 

Take a look and see what people have been making with Taiyo!

Noro Striping Tricks! 
You can get great striping effects using Noro yarns, all you need to do is use colours of yarn and alternate every other round.
  1. Yarn A is a Noro yarn like Silk Garden, Kureyon or Taiyo. Yarn B is a solid colour, like Cascade 220, Lamb`s Pride Worsted, or Malabrigo Worsted. For example, Turn a Square 
  2. Yarn A is one shade of Noro yarn, and Yarn B is another shade of the same Noro Yarn. For example, Noro Striped Scarf.
  3. Use only 1 colour of Noro yarn, but Yarn A is taken from inside of skein, and Yarn B is taken from outside of skein (ie. opposite ends of the colourway). For example, this Equinox Raglan.

As always, you can find us at!