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NEW Addi Flexi-Flips XL

addi flexiflips BLOG

Addi FlexiFlips XL & Regular

Addi has just come out with new sizes of the super popular Addi Flexi-Flip needles. The XL sizes are 2 inches longer than the originals, and they come in larger sizes, some that weren’t available before (up to 8mm/US11). I took a closer look and did a little compare-and-contrast exercise below

What are Addi Flexi-Flips?

Addi Flexi-Flips are a different kind of knitting needle, a hybrid between a double pointed needle and a circular needle. They are designed to make knitting in the round on double pointed needles faster, easier, and ENJOYABLE. They consist of two needle tips joined in the centre by a a flexible cable. Instead of juggling 4 or 5 double pointed needles at time, Flexi-Flips work with 3. Stitches are distributed over two needles, and then you knit with the third – resulting in only two needle changes per row. This also means a reduced chance of accidentally making ‘ladders’ in your knitting. Another great feature is the needles’ dual-tip design: each needle has a pointier Addi Rocket tip and a more blunt Addi Turbo tip. You will always have the right needle, when you need it. Addi Flexi-Flips are made for knitting in the round, and they’re great for everything from socks, cuffs, toys, hats, neck-warmers, leg-warmers, tea cozies – if it’s round and a smaller circumference, these needles will do it.

Regular LengthXL Length
21cm/8″ long from tip to tip
26cm/10″ long from tip to tip
tips are 8.5cm/3.5cm long (similar to a 16″ circ)
tips are 11cm/4.25″ long (similar to a 24″ or longer circ)
cable is 3cm/1.25″ long
cable is 4cm/1.6″ long
Sizes: 2mm/US0 to 5mm/US8
Sizes: 4mm/US6 to 8mm/US11
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PROJECT First Blanket

I’m sorry I haven’t written a proper post in a bit, I’ve been tied up with helping you guys in the store, humidity and life. Luckily, life works for us, and gives us little breaks where we can breathe, and contemplate, and write inspiring things!

I wanted to thank those of you who write, call, and stop by to tell me how appreciative you are – it means the world to me, and I’m very grateful for your feedback, it keeps me going! It’s the most rewarding thing in the word to know that I’m helping and inspiring you. It also helps me know that I’m on the right track, and when it’s time to make a change – both of which are incredibly valuable.

Thank you for connecting with me, it helps me connect with you. ~ Haley

First Winter Blanket

This pattern popped up on Ravelry last week and I think it’s absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. It’s a baby blanket that turns into a bunting – genius! It uses 3 skeins of one of my favourite yarns, Malabrigo Rios, an incredibly soft, hand dyed machine washable merino wool from Uruguay. The knitting is pretty basic, just garter stitch and seed stitch, so it’s accessible to knitters of all skill levels. The pattern is FREE, so Yay!

Plus, the manufacturer, Malabrigo Yarns, is committed to employing women who lack job opportunities, ecological sustainability and ethical animal husbandry. These things are important, and while it may sound kooky, I increasingly think that all the parts of the manufacturing process end up *in* the product. Trendy isn’t enough for me – I want more, I want JOY.


  • Malabrigo Rios: 3 skeins (1 in each of 3 colours)
  • 5mm needles (straight or circular)
  • stitch markers
  • row counter
  • tapestry needle
  • 11 buttons (15mm to 25mm)
  • FREE Pattern

Lopi Blankets Pre-Order

I know it’s a bit warm to start thinking about wool blankets, holiday gifts, and etc, but we have to place our our by the end of August … just think of a beautiful, chilly holiday season, curling up and sharing down-time with the people you love.

Lopi Blankets

Lopi blankets are gorgeous, ready-made heirloom pieces for your home, chalet or cottage. Comparable to the Canadian HBC blanket, Lopi Blankets are true statement pieces. They’re perfect in the living room, or at the end of the bed, and also make beautiful gifts. Made of Icelandic wool, they are extremely durable, lightweight, breathable and warm. The fabric is additionally combed after weaving to make it soft. The blankets come in various patterns and all are reversible. Please note, these are ready-made blankets, they are not a knitting kit.

  • Size ranges from 51″ x 71″ to 51″ x 79″
  • Five different styles available
  • Reversible
  • Machine wash gentle/cold with delicate wash, air dry
  • Made in Iceland


We are accepting pre-orders until the end of August and will ship in in October 2019 (exact date will depend on when we receive our order). We will only be ordering these blankets once this year, and will only be filling pre-orders, so be sure to place your order if you want one! Since this is a pre-order we’ll throw in a discount too!

The Wool
Icelandic wool has historically been crucial to the survival of the nation as it provided both warmth and protection throughout centuries of harsh weather. It is also quite unique compared to the wool of other sheep breeds. The inner fibres are fine, soft and highly insulating while the outer fibres are long, glossy and water repellent. Therefore products made of Icelandic wool are extremely durable, lightweight and breathable.

The Manufacturer
Ístex Ltd. is the main wool manufacturer in Iceland, with over a century of wool tradition behind their products. They create wool blankets, with narrative threads that weave together a modern sensibility of style, the artistic inspiration of a dramatic landscape and the unique quality of Icelandic yarn.


Our Summer Sale is ON! Select (summery and clearance yarns) are 20% Off all July.

Can’t make it in? No Problem! It’s all in our Online Store, which offers a Free In-Store Pick-Up option at check out. Can’t make it in at all? That’s ok too, you can have your order shipped – plus Orders over $150 ship forFREE!

STORE SAMPLE Deschain in Estiva

Descahin in Estiva

Last week I introduced you to Berroco Estiva, and you liked it a lot! This week, I get to show off our first store sample made with Estiva, the Deschain pullover. The top mmakes a great summer cover-up, and is extremely to wear with a tank underneath. I love the idea of wearing the grey top with a pop of bright colour worn underneath.

The pattern was designed a few years ago by Quince & Co for their organic linen yarn, Kestrel (which is also stunning and I love and we sell and makes me very happy). But the pattern looks equally awesome made with a new bulky weight cotton yarn, Berroco Estiva. Estiva isn’t as heavy as linen, and while it has some drape, it holds a surprising amount of body, and doesn’t grow as dramatically as linen.

We made ours with 6mm/US10 needles, and that was a mistake, our tension was way too tight. I suggest you go up to a 7mm/US10.75 needle, and check your tension.

The construction is fairly simple, The pieces are all rectangular and are seamed together. It’s not a bad project for an intermediate or advanced beginner knitter who wants to try lace, and make an actual sweater. Intermediate knitters should be able to wiz through, it makes for some nice, fast summer knitting).

Note: you might need to work extra pattern repeats to get your sweater long enough. While you are working, hold it up to your body as you go (for a size small you might need to knit extra length to get good coverage).


AROUND TOWN Knitting Pilgrim at Fringe Festival